Friday, September 17, 2010

I am heading back to bed for a short snooze before I head to work. Has been a busy morning. Cooked the last of the beets - SIGH. And also made a big batch of home made tomato soup - looking forward to having a bowl of it after work with some garlic bread. Numm. Even have all the dishes done - and the ginormous pressure cooker Marian has is put away. Lunch will be fish, quinoa, beets, swiss chard and maybe a salad. Can you tell I am 'trying' to be good. Am on my third litre of water - need to have the toilet attached - spend a lot of time making my bladder gladder. Hope that in a few days things will settle down - and my body will 'get used' to the water - usually does.

Right now the weather 'looks' gorgeous - sunshine, blue skies - but that can change in a matter of minutes. Will be interesting to see what it is like when I get up.

On my way home from work I will stop at Safeway and get some more tomatoes - they are on sale - and it is certainly soup weather. Plus will make a batch of spaghetti sauce - bought a couple of small spaghetti squash - for spaghetti and sauce - no points - love it. Will likely add some meat of some sort - maybe a chicken smokey or a chicken sausage - low points and maybe a piece of garlic bread - getting hungry thinking about it - will do that tomorrow.

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