Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Has been a 'hectic' couple of days.  Marian arrived home a little after 8 p.m. on Monday - I was in the shower when she arrived - WHEW - just beat her - so at least I was in bed - phoned my girlfriend Phyllis and had a good chat with her - always do.  She is one of the best - have known her since Secretarial Sciences - circa 1978 - and no matter how long it has been between calls or contact - it is as if we just talked yesterday - she has been there through thick and thin - good to have friends like that - have only a few of them - life is good if you have a few friends like that.

Got up Tuesday to see the 'produce' Marian brought home with her.  A box of prune plums (Italian) from mom and dad - yum yum.  Had not bought a lot of fruit because I knew this was on its way - well worth the wait.  I just have a small bone to pick with Weight Watchers - according to them 2 plums equal one point - hmmm - these plums are smaller than most - and I disagree with their analysis - I mean - c'mon - 8 oz. of cherries equal one point - so .... Anyhow - Marian also got some cabbage at her friend Judy's place - five or six of them - hmmm - now what are we going to do with that much cabbage - making sauerkraut is not really an option as we do not have the 'equipment' needed.  She also brought back potatoes - have not seen them - two large zucchinis, and a 'butternut' squash - that I do not believe is a butternut squash - but I took pictures and will endeavour to upload them - getting brave in my old age - either that or just more foolish - and you can tell me what you think that orange thing is.

This is the butternut squash?????? - and in the box beside are the yummy plums.

Ah - there are six cabbages and two 'small' zucchini
Went to work as per usual Tuesday - and there was all of two boxes of RTS mail to be done - and Jim had plowed through one of them - had done about 80% of one of the boxes - so that did not leave me much to do - finished by 4:30 - and really only would have taken an hour - but I took my time. So I have worked myself out of a job - one of the drawbacks about being efficient - oh well - not sure what I am going to do now - really do not want to go in to work every day for just an hour or so - does not seem worth the effort. Will have to talk with someone about what I should be doing - I would rather just go in every other day - and at least get a full day worth of work - but I will go in every day and see what happens.

Woke up today to blue sky and sunshine - and now the clouds have moved in and they do not look at all nice - they are black - wonder what the rest of the day will bring.


Lynn said...

How about cabbage rolls?? You could make several dishes of them and freeze for winter months. They freeze well.

As for your looks like it cross breed with a pumpkin! LOL! That is HUGE!

Ophelia Keith said...

I was going to say the samething about your squash,it has the bottom of a butternut but the color of a pumpkin. You can make corned beef and cabbage and you can stuff the cabbage leaves sort of like grape leaves. And also you can make cole slaw. Hope Marian is feeling better.