Tuesday, May 01, 2007

This last week has been a fairly quiet week. Not up to much. Aymn returned from Libya early Friday morning - I had to go and let him in as the front door was locked and he does not have a key - there are times I think about reconsidering my decision to take back the keys - but it does not really last for long. He spent two days with me - during which time he spent 75% of his time sleeping - must admit it does frustrate me a bit - okay read a lot - but what can I do. He did not tell his 'family' that he was back in town - and on Sunday we were out and about in the car with my sil Suzanne - unbeknownst to me and Aymn we were spotted by his daughter - so when he went home he was in much doo doo - did not know what the problem was until he spent some time with Suzanne on Monday and she enlightened him that she had seen Asmaa and obviously Asmaa had spotted us. Must admit it does irritate me that when he comes back and comes to me he has to keep it from his family. The deal is if he leaves from Amal's home then he comes back to me and vice versa. Was taking with Suzanne yesterday evening and her son Mahmood wanted to speak with me - he was whispering to me - asked him why he was whispering and he informed me that Islam (Aymn's youngest) was over and he did not want Islam to know that he was speaking to me - ARGH. I am getting really tired of being something that has to be hidden and whispered about.

Spent time out and about - did not really get anything noteworthy - just the usual.

Today was a beautiful day - Sharon came over and we sat out on the balcony enjoying the sun - unfortunately we both overdid it - when will I ever learn - alas and alack I fear it will be never - we had lunch together - real gourmet feast - bologna sandwiches, salad and chips and dip - gotta love being able to prepare meals like that.

Aymn came over for a bit in the morning - then went back to his family - after informing me that he would not be coming over as per the schedule - but would be over later - told him I did not really care when he came - I am just very tired of this game. Last night he and Suzanne and Mom went to visit Mom's brother - Samir - who is terminal with cancer - I am not known to Mom's side of the family - for fear that they might slip and let the cat out of the bag to Amal's family - who is not yet aware of my existence - but Aymn kindly took a video and showed it to me - wish he had not bothered - I mean if I am not 'good' enough to be out of the closet for this family then I have no real wish to be 'involved' in their family - but of course Aymn does not see the problem with his logic.

After Sharon left I was a 'good' girl and watered the garden - must get busy and do some weeding - or I will end up having to do some mowing - lol - not really but.... I am planning an early night tonight - as I have to be up and out to have the car to Toyota for it's complimentary 1,000 km check up - have to be there at 8:30 - am planning on taking a few books because I will have quite a wait - after all - appointments mean nothing - if someone comes in and is louder then they will be looked after first - gotta love this aspect of Egyptian culture - actually it is likely more an Arabic thing as it is not just here in Egypt - the same thing applied in Libya. So, if Aymn is not here before I hit the hay he is out of luck - I will just turn off the phones and go to bed. Thank goodness I do not have a doorbell.

Today is Labour Day here in Egypt - so yet another holiday - there certainly are a lot of holidays in this part of the world.

Anyway that is it for today.

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Cairogal said...

Some days you just gotta have bologna!