Monday, May 21, 2007

Just a quick entry to let all my 'fans' know that I am alive and well. Last Sunday saw me boarding a plane in Alexandria, on my way to Canada. The trip was uneventful. My son, Miles, met me at the airport - and took me out for supper as it was Mother's Day. I made the trip to Calgary to celebrate my son's 25th birthday - it was to be a surprise - but my DIL let the cat poke its nose out of the bag and then decided to let it all the way out of the bag as my son does not do well with surprises when his space is going to be invaded. He is a very typical only child and does not really like to share his space - wonder how he will cope when they have children. So Shani (DIL) told him that I was arriving - and I agreed with her decision as I was quite concerned about his reaction - because he has made it clear that he does not like it when I come - as he does not like me invading his privacy - but I must admit the more I see him the better our relationship becomes. He had major issues with the deicision I made to marry and move to Egypt - after all it had been him and I against the world for all of his life - and the concept of me sharing my life with someone else was not really appreciated - and then to move to Egypt and of course the icing on the cake was the fact that I was going to be a co-wife - needless to say he went ballistic and I have been working hard at improving the relationship. His wife is a treasure and I do believe she has helped to pave the way for our improving relationship. Thank you God for blessing my son with such a wonderful partner.

I took Miles and Shani out for a very nice steak dinner on Monday - we had a great time - you can see us in the photo. I spent the day with my friend Deb - and after much hemming and hawing I decided to get my hair all cut off - my hair had been halfway down my back - and as you can see from the pic it is nowhere near that long now - but at least 99% of the colour has been cut off so I can be a natural white haired old lady - LOL.

I was a very busy bee shopping on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday - I have actually purchased 80% of what I wanted to buy - but of course I keep remembering things - and I have only one suitcase filled. I phoned British Airways to find out the price of taking an extra piece of luggage - it is $220 - but if I do it online I save 30% - so I will be doing that - and now I have an extra piece to fill. Thursday evening saw Maurine (my favouritest cousin), Maurghan (her daughter) and me driving to Creston, BC to visit my folks. Maurine took off today to visit another friend and I will be here until June 1. Then will be heading back to Calgary to spend the remainder of my holiday with my son and daughter in law.
Yesterday we went to see the Blossom Festival Parade - it was a cool and overcast day - great day for the parade participants - and it did not rain - so not a bad day for the parade watchers as well. When we got home I took a bunch of pictures of flowers at my folks place. Lilacs, irises, magnolias, and I can't remember what all. So have included a few pics of these as well - must admit I do miss the spring flowers here - the smell of lilacs is awesome. Wish I could bottle it and bring it home with me. Well tried twice to add the pics and got a message saying it could not do something - so will try another time.

Today I went to church - and got a very pleasant surprise. 15 years ago when I joined the LDS church I was fellowshipped by Michele Geurts - we got to be very good friends (or so I thought) - and then she moved to another part of Calgary and we lost touch - and she and some of her family were at church today - I was very surprised. They have purchased property for summer vacations not far from my folks place - it was great getting caught up with her life. WOW.

Anyway - that is it for now - will endeavour to keep you posted on my vacation. Not really up to a lot - mostly visiting - although I am hoping to get some sewing done while I am visiting my parents.


Cairogal said...

The hair looks great! Sounds like your blazing trails all over Canada. Safe journey back-when do you go?

Safa said...

look at your handsome son! WOW! You look pretty spiffy yourself....great haircut.....I can guess who is gonna lay an egg when you make ur way back to Egypt.....egyptian men and the long hair issue.....SIGH!

Lynn said...

OH, I LOVE your hair! Old Lady you are NOT. This style took at least 10 years off your age. Truly. It really does make you look "smashing". : )

Thanks for the phone call when you arrived in town. I am really looking forward to seeing you when you come back this way. Been so busy with kids and wedding plans. Can't wait to see you at the Bridal Shower.

I am happy to see that you were able to catch up with Michelle. I think we all lost touch with her when she moved. I have always wondered what their family is up to now. I bet they have some grandkids.

Cairogal said...

I concur w/ Safa: son very good looking and many Egyptian men love the long hair. Bas-it's your head! And you spend more time with it than he does! ;-)