Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Wow - my get up and go certainly has deserted me this last bit. I have been really struggling to get anything done around the house - even not really enjoying going out and about - but have been going out. Last Saturday we, Sharon and I, went to St. Mark's School - to take in the pottery display by artisans from a town called Garagos - it is located outside of Luxor - sure do wish I had lots of money and space. If I were much younger and starting out I would have gone crazy buying all kinds of things - but I restrained myself - got a few things - consoling myself with the thought that I can go next year and see what treasures are available. It was so great that we headed back that way on Monday after club - and got a few more things - Sharon is as bad as I am. I took a video - and a few pics - wish I had the wherewithal to upload the video - but I am not quite that talented. Will endeavour to upload the pictures I took - there were quite a few Nativity sets - took a pic of the largest one - also took pics of the stained glass windows that adorn the chapel of the school - it was quite breathtaking.

Aymn has been spending most of his time with his family - as his eldest son is writing his final exams and of course the kid is studying and learning all that he should have learned over the last year. I feel like the donkey with the carrot being dangled in front of my nose - the carrot is the 'promise' that things will get better and his family is truly accepting of me. I asked Aymn how his family was when I left the country and he admitted that they are usually a lot better - so much for their acceptance of me as his wife - I am really beginning to feel that things will never change - and I am going to have to work on just letting it go and not let it get to me - or ..... He has promised that things will be better when I get back - hmmm - have heard this one a few times and still no change - in fact things are getting worse. As soon as Mom and Dad have a disagreement - and Mom makes sure the kids know about it - I am the one in the dog house. Aw well - such is life in the fast lane.

I am trying to get ready to fly back to Canada - but I have a ton of baking to do first - the British Bazaar is being held on May 18 and I have volunteered myself to do some baking - since I am not going to be here - you know - I really do have to quit travelling - every time I leave I miss something.

Today saw me driving Suzanne, Sharon and moi to Carrefour. Suzanne had hinted that the next time I went she would like to come along - of course I had no real intention of going - but went - she had purchased a tv from Carrefour 8 months ago or so and it is giving her trouble - so she wanted to take it back. She was informed that they would sent it out to be fixed and she would have to come back in two weeks to get it - now Carrefour is quite a ways away from where we live - and the shop that they would be sending it out to is a short 3 minute drive from our place - so we loaded it back up - after shopping - I had to get a few things for Thursday night - and headed to the repair shop - to find it closed for two days as the owner is in Cairo - so we will see if we have time to head back again before I leave - but at least the taxi fare would be a lot less than heading all the way out to Carrefour.

Thursday I am hostessing a Girls Night - Anne (my friend from Oregon is back in the country), Margaret and Sharon are gathering at my place for a get together. Margaret planned it - she had hoped we could have a sleep over but Anne will be unable to spend the night has her new hubby has other ideas - lol - I am going to make a pizza, some popcorn, and of course I am really hoping to have a few things baked so we can snack on them as well, chips, and dip and some pop - and I do need to clean up the spare bedroom - need to sweep the floor and do some dusting - nothing major - sure is amazing how quickly the dust - read sand - finds its way in through all the 'airtight' (in my dreams) windows and doors.

So today I am trying to light a fire to get at least some of the baking done so there is less to do tomorrow. Wish me luck.

My congrats go out to my fellow Canuck, Safa, who had her baby on May 1 - a wonderful baby boy - she already has 4 beautiful daughters - she lives in Cairo - I have yet to meet her in person - but we keep in touch via our blogs, chatting and every once in awhile I call her on the phone.


Cairogal said...

I bought a nativity set just like the one in the photo (though painted) and I left it in the move from Cairo. Happy baking!

Eva..."The Evolutionary" said...

Please tell Anne that the "coastie's mother" said mabrook for the marriage (although I am in shock--haha!) and to email me her mobile number! And as always, I loved the update on your blog Egian!