Thursday, May 24, 2007

May 24 - WOW - where has the time gone. This has been a busy week. Tuesday I took the bull by the horns and I went and visited the friend that I had met up with at Church on Sunday - we had a really good visit. Was so great to be with positive people - who share the same belief system that I do - something that I really do miss when I am at home in Egypt. She was so happy for me - thrilled that I had finally found someone to love me and happy that I was no longer suffering as I had been - she commented that I 'looked' much happier - that she knew that I had really struggled in Canada prior to my marriage. And it gave me a lot of food for thought. You know - despite all the b'in I do - I do love my husband and I am very fortunate that I live in Egypt and that his family is so wonderful to me. I read about and know women who have left everything to come to Egypt to raise their families and their Egyptian family is not supportive - and for this blessing I thank God every day. My family in Egypt treats me as their own - they are always glad to see me - they cry when I head back to Canada - and I miss them tremendously. I have included a picture of Michele, moi, Peter and Hannah (their youngest granddaughter).

I have been busy sewing - have finished a skirt - and have cut out a tunic - with my mom's help - unfortunately I have packed on the pounds again - and I get so discouraged when I want to sew something and it requires major alterations - but we managed to alter the pattern and today I am planning on getting it sewn up - it is quite simple - two seams, sleeves and the neckline and voila I will be done - lol - if it were only that easy - but I will work at getting it done today. I also need to get out today and purchase a graduation card for my niece. Looks as if I will be heading to Saskatchewan with my folks tomorrow for the graduation ceremony on Saturday - as you can tell I am tickled pink to be going. I do not really know this young lady all that well - and the prospect of travelling for 8-10 hours does not appeal much - not sure why - couldn't be because less than 2 weeks ago I flew half way around the world - hmmm - oh well - family is family and the obligations are there - must admit the prospect of spending 3 days here by myself is quite appealing - but I will do what is expected and I will go - but I do need to get a card - not going to get a gift as I have no idea what to get and besides she is basically a stranger to me.

Yesterday I went to the fitness centre with my parents - what a mistake that was - not really - but my body is letting me know it did not appreciate it - I spent 22 minutes on the tread mill and then did some weights and then did some work on the exercise ball - my arms and thighs are really complaining. Hmmmm - I should either do this all the time or never - I think I will go for all the time. Once I get back to Egypt - and my money is sorted out - I am planning on joining Gold's Gym - it is not really conveniently located - but I have a car - and at least they have top notch equipment - so I will be working at going early in the morning - need to find out when they are open - they were to open 24 hours a day - but you can bet that they are not - they just would not have the volume for that - a) because they are relatively expensive (by Egyptian standards) and b) because they are not at all centrally located - but I will check into it and see.

That is the news around here - last night I barbecued up the last of the meat I brought with me to Creston. I bought a big slab of beef - made wonderful steaks - and a bunch of Italian sausages and then last but not least a loin of pork that I cut into chops - they were very good.
Will keep you posted about my trip to Saskatchewan - will post pictures when I get back - if I can - if Blogger cooperates - LOL.
And, Safa, you are right it is too late now to worry about Aymn's reaction to my hair - but I would LOVE to have a camera at the ready to take a picture when I take my scarf off. As you can tell by the pictures I am being rebellious and not covering right now - will likely don the scarf while I am in Saskatchewan - and must figure out how I am going to keep it under control under the scarf - I am sure I will figure something out.


Safa said...

Look at you in the beautiful jilbab.....Oh it's gorgeous...and a great color for you!

We have a Gold's Gym in my closed down. HAHA! Not sure if it was really a Gold's gym tho.....the logo was right...but what does that mean in Egypt? You know what I mean?

You look happy in the pic.....and I like the little bit of soul searching that you do here and say that all tho you do your fair share of B'in....that you are loved. That's honest. Why not just say you are ornery? LOL...I LOVE THAT WORD! (if ur french.....there is NO H on the front of that's really ORNERY...not to be confused with HORNY.....)

Good for you for doing the obligation thingy.....I know I'd be praying for a sore back so I could cancel...LOL!

Why would you put on ur scarf in Sask? I suppose it really makes no difference now, right?

But PORK CHOPS? Oh baby....ur going way bad! LOL.....I've had the most horrible craving for Cdn peameal bacon....OMG.....MAKE IT STOP!

You know what I love about Cda tho? It's the Black Forest Turkey Ham made by Maple Lodge Farms....Ontario company.....sure tastes like Black forest ham.....but it's NOT!

Enjoy your time......any news on your car? Is it still sitting down there?? Who is staying in ur apt? Is it Sharon?

Cairogal said...

Hope you're enjoying your time, M! Missing your regular posts.

Sydney said...

I love your hair !!!! You will find that not only will it ne cooler this dummer with it shorter , but you will have more time on your hands as it doesn't need a lot of time to wash,dry ,or style. That spells freedom !Enjoy your trip home .
Hey do you mean you are only allowed just 1 suitcase when traviling overseas on BA ?OMG !!!It used to be 2 .
I know what you mean about your hair and the hubby ! When I went home , I had natural hair color ( drab !) and below shoulder length . When I came back , I had lovely short blonde hair.My husband walked right past me looking for me in the terminal ! LOL !Good luck ! Syd