Thursday, June 14, 2007

Hard to believe that it is already June 14 and I will be back in Egypt in a week. Now things are getting tough as the pull begins. I am anxious to get home but I am going to miss my family and friends here in Canada. My visit has been wonderful, Miles and I are continuing to close the gap - which was caused by my decision to marry into polygyny and move to Egypt - which of course makes it harder to leave. I do miss my 'baby' very much. This is something Aymn and his family have trouble understanding. A) because they believe that families are not nearly as close in the West as they are in the East and B) because he will never understand the bond that Miles and I had - after all for 21 years it was Miles and I against the world - he never had to share me - I was always there for him. So it is very bittersweet when I have to leave to go back to Egypt. And then of course I miss my Egyptian family while I am here in Canada and when in Egypt I miss my family and friends here in Canada. As I drive around Calgary I know I will miss the greenness of the city. It has been a very damp spring - therefore it is very, very green - so beautiful. I drive around and think to myself how much I am going to miss this when I am back in Egypt, then I console myself with the thought that I can see the sea. Another thing I am going to miss is the gym - even though I drive halfway across the city to go - and grumble about getting up at 5:00 a.m. to go - I do enjoy it - and the reason I drive that far is because my friends are there - there is actually a gym about 2 minutes from my son's place - but I go for the people - it is amazing how much faster the time goes when you are 'visiting' albeit while gasping for breath - but hey - what the heck.

Last night I went out with my gym buddies - going to work really hard at keeping exercising and trying to get my eating under control - will be 'accountable' to them - via email. I know that I need to be accountable to me - but being accountable to someone else will make it 'easier' to keep on track - in shaa allah.

Well I am back from the gym - managed to survive - only one more day and then a two day break. Must admit I do feel much better once it is done and over with. Today I do not have much on my plate - was supposed to be a day for me - but I have an appointment with my financial counsellor and then I will be going to get my hair trimmed - if the hairdresser can squeeze me in. Then I am back home - and will try to pack my stuff - although I must admit that I am really dragging my feet on that one. I do hate having to find room for everything I just had to have - ARGH - wonder if I will ever make a trip 'home' and not have a shopping list that is a mile long. And of course everything I bought is a definite must - lol. The fun begins when I start going through the things and go - now why did I buy this?? I am sure that I am the only person that has this problem when they travel home - lol.

Thought I would try to upload some pictures - but I do not know where the necessary cord is - so will just post it as is and will upload pictures when I can find the cord. Gotta love living out of suitcases.

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