Monday, May 21, 2007

Well I will once again endeavour to upload some pics of the flowers at my parent's place. They live on 1/2 an acre in British Columbia, in a valley surrounded by three mountain ranges, it is beautiful, peaceful and I really do miss it when I am in Egypt surrounded by the noises, pollution and whatnot. It is so pleasant to wake up to the sound of bird song being the only noise - when I come back to Canada the quiet is the one thing I notice the most - no honking horns, no call to prayer (sorry I live in an area with at least four mosques within a block - so call to prayer is a real cacophony - I do eventually tune it out but.....), no one selling their wares, no people yelling, no construction noises, no wedding/funeral parties, and the list goes on.

I do have a 'garden' at my place in Egypt - but I miss the variety of the flowers here - I liberated an old seed catalogue from my dad and I sit there and drool over all the flowers - think I will head to a garden centre when I get back to Calgary - and see about getting some more seeds - then in shaa allah I will be able to plant some for next year - as it is too late for this year - although I may try to plant a few things and see how it goes - since the growing season is so much longer in Alex than it is here.

And I will be heading back to Egypt on June 20 - arriving on June 21 - will be taking British Airways - and only have a one hour lay over in Heathrow - here is hoping I make the flight - whereas when I took Lufthansa I ended up with a 10 hour layover and the trip took 1.5 days instead of just one. So - despite the high price of flying British Airways - it is worth it in the time I save.

Ta da - today it worked - the first picture to the right is a picture of the 'dwarf' lilac flower at my parent's home - dwarf is in italics as it was only supposed to reach 6 feet in height and it is now approaching 13 feet - so my dad is not too impressed - but the flowers are beautiful - purple outlined in white - and of course the scent is to die for - I do love the smell of lilacs.

The second picture - maybe to the right - one can never tell where the pictures and text are really going to end up until you preview - and then it is not always accurate - anyway - this is a picture of a star magnolia - there are two of them on the lot - they are beautiful flowers.

Now this is a tree peony - it is enormous - that is my dad's hand beside it and my dad's claim to fame is not dainty hands - they do not smell very nice - but what a sight to see a bush covered in these ginormous blooms.

This is an iris - my parents have many different kinds of them - and they multiply like crazy - when I lived in Calgary - I had a bed of transplanted irises from my folks - and I do miss them - I miss all the spring flowering plants - the daffodils, tulips, crocus, paperwhites, etc. - they just make spring for me - when all the snow goes and they are there - already green and ready to show off their pretty flowers.

Now this last picture is not of a flower - it is a picture of my husband, Aymn - I took it at the airport as we were waiting for me to go through security - I think it is a good photo of him - would love to be able to take a picture of him when he sees my hair - I have not yet told him - it is going to be a 'surprise' - like the surprise when he got his new cell phone. And guess what - his new cell phone is hors d combat - I received an email from my friend who is staying at my place - the day I left he was walking along the street - with cell phone in hand - so other's could see what a fancy cell phone he has - and he fell - and landed on his fancy dancy cell phone - and it no longer works - 5,000 LE - up in smoke - he wants me to get it fixed here - I phoned Nokia here in Canada and they said it has to be fixed in the region it was purchased as the components vary from region to region - and besides it is not like the repair depot is next door - it is located in Ontario - which is a four hour flight from where I live - so I told him that he needs to get it repaired in Dubai - which is where the phone originates from - it is not legal to sell in Egypt - as it has GPS in it. I am so mean - bawahahahaha. Meanwhile my cheap little cell phone has been dropped all over the place and it keeps on going - but it has not a bell or a whistle on it - it answers and it sends and I can send text messages - that is it - no pictures, no ability to download, upload or anything. SIGH. Sorry Lord - but I am mean.

And thanks for the positive comments about my hair - much appreciated - needless to say I am a bit nervous about my dh's reaction - but I like it - I am so glad to have all the 'colour' out of it. And at least by getting it cut as soon as I got here I have a chance to get used to it - and I must admit - I still do a double take when I pass by a mirror - and of course I will be covering it when I head back to Egypt - but for the moment I am 'enjoying' going about 'uncovered'. And Safa - thank you for the comment regarding my son - I agree - but then I think I may be a tad bit biased - LOL.


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Lynn said...

I LOVE THE FLOWERS!!!! Your parents plus truly is a bit of heaven or at the very least, a bit of the garden of Eden. Enjoy your time while there. I just commented on your previous blog too. Make sure you have a look.

Anonymous said...

The flowers are lovely. I have such fond memories of my grandmother's gardens. You hair looks lovely; I hadn't seen a pic. with your long hair. It's easier to maintain. Enjoy you stay in Canada with family and friends.


Eva..."The Evolutionary" said...

I really enjoyed the flower pics--I just love spring flowers. Any flowers really. Do you love the ful and jasmine in Egypt--I do--I used to grow it on my balcony--and buy those hokey ful necklaces they sell in the street every chance I got. Anyway, I love your haircut--it is really stylish and compliments your face perfectly. And you have a handsome son and dil. Blessings to all of you.

Safa said...

I love the lilacs.....u think they'd grow here in Egypt? The smell of them bring me back home.....

Good pic of the hubby.....HAHA at him falling down in the street.....I mean that in a good way.....I've never seen my hubby fall down....but you can bet I'd be laughing too!

So now ur thinking about DH's reaction? A little too late honey.....and u know what? He'll get over it. You know that better than anyone!