Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Here it is Wednesday - yes - I do love short work weeks.

Woke up at 5 this morning and instead of rolling over and going back to sleep I got up and had my shower and got dressed.  Came downstairs  - fed the cats in shifts - had some raspberries - they are not very good - should not have bought them yesterday even though they were on sale - they are on sale for a reason - and some strawberries - they were better - and then an apple.  Went through my emails, facebook and topix (a forum that I belong to).  After this I had my breakfast - I had an avocado mixed with some salsa on a couple of rice cakes - the life I lead.

Got busy and did some arm exercises and some stretching - while I was on the floor Snookums decided my hair needed grooming and Twobit decided I was a comfy place for a nap - hmmmm.  Once I got off the floor - much easier than it used to be - still not much for finesse - but hey what do I want - I put on my socks and shoes and went for a 25 minute walk - just walked around the neighbourhood.  Walked long enough to work up a sweat - and now as I sit here I am a tad on the chilly side.

Marian got home shortly after I arrived back from my walk.  I had not taken my vitamins so I did this - and then realized I needed to eat something - I find if I take the salmon oil without eating I burp it up for what seems like forever - so I had some celery sticks, some carrots and some sliced yellow pepper.  I am waiting for my Roibos Cape Doctor tea to steep - tastes like Earl Grey tea - it is so yummy.  I usually go for the Roibos Market Spice - which is absolutely delish - lots of cinnamon, cloves and other spices - so it tastes sweet without having to add any sweetener - this is what I go for now when I am craving something sweet.

I am working at only eating sugar on Saturday and Sunday - so far it is all right.  I find that if I steer clear of sugar I do not crave it - but if I have something sweet it leads to more and more.  I really need to get a grip on my eating habits.  Took a long time but I have now lost 53.6 lbs. - still have a long way to go - but I have set up some goals and rewards - and they are not food related at all - or clothes related - because it would be pointless to spend money on clothes that will not fit for very long.  Am hoping that I can keep up the change in attitude - and if I slip not to let it drag me down - but to just get back right away to eating sensibly.  Marian was a trifle chuffed that I had gone out walking on my own - she wanted to go with - but I need to do it for me, myself and I and not rely on someone else - because so often it just does not happen - and since I am not working until the afternoon - early morning is still the best time for me to get out and get some exercise.  Have come to realize - more like accept - that this eating sensibly and exercising is a very solitary process - I need to rely on only myself - because eventually I will be on my own in Egypt with no one dragging me, kicking and screaming to get some exercise - I need to 'embrace' it and learn again how to enjoy it - I have always enjoyed going to Spa Lady in Calgary - mainly for the camaraderie - but that is not an option in Egypt - so I need to motivate myself and not rely on anyone - because I know when I get back to Egypt there will be very few people around who will motivate me - I know that Ayman loves me the way I am - so he is not much of a motivator - but I need to be in better physical shape so I can be healthier - bottom line - I am responsible for my own happiness - no one else.  Has certainly taken me a LONG time to figure this one out - not really - but has taken me a long time to 'own' it and actually believe that it is true.  So I am embarking on yet another journey - this one is all about ME.

And yesterday morning I coloured my hair - light auburn - will endeavour to get before and after shots uploaded - well first I have to get a picture of the new colour on the camera - shows how much I dislike having my picture taken.


Lynn said...

Could for you. Making it YOURS. Your new lightbulb moment for you.... just became mine, as well. ; D

Lynn said...

I meant "GOOD" for you. Need to work on editing before publishing. Sheesh. ; S