Sunday, October 10, 2010

WHEW!!!! What an action packed weekend - well to be more exact a very busy Saturday.  (Saturday, September 25th, 2010)

Got up early Saturday to go deliver flyers - we spend more time dragging our feet than it takes to deliver the cursed things. Took us a little over an hour to get them done. Then we came home - Marian headed to Weight Watchers - I started cooking breakfast - waffles and bacon - I cheated - we had bought Eggo waffles on Friday so I toasted them up - easier to count points and much easier to only have two of them - than to make up even 1/2 a batch from scratch. Enjoyed them immensely. Then I went up and grabbed a shower and got dressed. After I was dressed we headed out to MacIsland to take in the fall trade show - it was really interesting - was pleasantly surprised by the number and variety of vendors at the show - reminded me of walking through the show at Klondike Days - ah the memories. Marian managed to buy a couple of Christmas gifts - so it was a good day. I broke down and bought a picture - it is beautiful - will post it a picture of the picture.

Just a fantastic picture - could not resist.
 I also bought some pyrogies - had not had any for so long - so broke down and bought some - cottage cheese and sauerkraut. We were supposed to leave by 2 - but did not manage to get away until 3 - oh well. Stopped at the library on the way home and got a library card - they are free - and we are going to endeavour to pick a day and go to the library - you can get as many books as you can carry for three weeks and CDs and DVDs for a week. Got home - had something to eat and I crashed - soooo tired and we had a big night ahead of us. Up and dressed and out the door by 6:15 p.m. to take in the Johnny Reid concert. Marian is a fan of his - I had not heard of him until she mentioned him - he is a country and western singer - at least that is the genre that they have pigeonholed him in. She had heard a month or so ago that we would be in town and managed to get tickets - she insisted on buying one for me as she would not go on her own - oh well. The concert was FANTASTIC - he is a wonderful showman - the venue was small - and not laid out very well - but the sound was good - and he does a lot more than country western style music - he covers just about all the genres - except rap. By the end of the evening I was beginning to get hoarse - and my 'neighbours' were less than thrilled with this noisy white haired person sitting near them. It was a good evening. After the concert we went out for supper - at 9:30 p.m. - oh well - you only live once. Went to Boston Pizza and ordered two of their thin crust pizzas and shared them and then ordered a dessert to be shared - chocolate explosion - or something like that - was very good. But it was a late night.

Sunday started earlier than I had hoped - because Ayman called and woke us up - so I got online - to chat with him - only to wait because he did not have a good internet connection with his phone - ARGH. Oh well. Denise called and asked if we would like to go out for supper and we said sure - she then called later in the day and had to cancel - so I ended up cooking - we had fried cabbage and onions, the pyrogies and some bacon. Unfortunately the pyrogies were a sore disappointment - nothing like the pyrogies that Jackie O. makes and taught me how to make - next time I want pyrogies I will make them myself. Worst part was that they were not cheap - and they were mostly dough with minimal filling and the cottage cheese ones had no dill in them - afraid I am very spoiled - Jackie's pyrogies are 100% better than these were - oh well live and learn.

Monday it was back to normal - I was back to work for the afternoon shift - but at least there is a 'pile' of RTS mail to be dealt with - so I will just be doing it at a very leisurely pace. Need to pace myself so that I do not have any days with no work. Got up fairly early so that I could clean up the kitchen - busy weekend equals very messy kitchen - counters were very cluttered and dishes were piled up - so got that all done before Marian got home from her first shift. Then we went out and got some grocery shopping done. Stopped at Mark's Work Wearhouse for Marian to be fitted for her new uniform at work. Had lunch and then headed to work. Got home yesterday and warmed up some tomato soup and made a couple of chicken 'wraps' for supper. Went to bed early - still trying to play catch up from the weekend.

Took me forever to finish this post - had technical issues with uploading the pictures and video - spent 3 hours trying - every time I tried the computer would freeze - so I threw up my hands in despair and gave up - took me awhile to come back - this time it worked - although it is taking FOREVER to upload the video - wondering if it will be worth it - definitely not - just got a message saying there was a problem uploading it  - so will post without it.  Now I will post this before something else happens and try to catch up - my life is SO exciting - NOT.

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