Sunday, October 10, 2010

October 10, 2010 - need to date this one - as the one I posted earlier today was two weeks ago - time flies when you are having fun.

Last week was a busy week - was out and about every morning/early afternoon shopping.  Marian gets home between 9:30 and 10 and we headed off on Monday to Safeway and Sobey's - Tuesday we took off for Extra Foods - they had coupons in their flyer - plus we needed a lot of produce - did not really have much for fresh fruit or veggies in the house.  Wednesday she had a chiropractor's appointment - I drove her to it and then headed to Canadian Tire - they had silicone baking mats for 75% off - and I decided I wanted some to take back - easier than having to buy parchment paper - they also had all of their silicone bakeware on sale - and I succumbed and bought a four pack of mini loaf pans - decided that they would be better to have in the house than one large loaf of banana bread (what I usually end up making in loaf pans) - better to have four little ones - eat one and freeze the rest - if there is a big one I end up eating it - and I am usually on my own - so....  Marian also asked me to pick up a few other things for her - ended up purchasing 16 of the silicone mats and a few other things.  Then I headed over to WalMart to return some hair colour I had bought - decided it was too dark - am going to go with a light auburn - see how it goes - as well as some shoe protector for my shoes - just as I was driving away Marian called and she was finished - so I headed to pick her up - then we went to a second hand book store - she wanted to get a book for Hayden for his birthday - and we had been to Coles and they do not carry it - as it is an older series - so she had called the second hand book store and was told they had some of the series - there are 21 books in the series and she managed to get thirteen of them. Then after I left for work she headed to the post office near the house to mail it - she sent it expedited and it arrived on Friday by noon - less than 24 hours - so the Post Office can move - you just have to pay enough.  Thursday I had hoped to stay home - but I had to return the CD's and DVD's that I had borrowed - you can renew books but not CD's and DVD's - so had to head down to the library to return those.  Then we stopped in at Superstore as Extra did not have any brussel sprouts when we were there on Tuesday - and they also had a sale on squash and did not have a lot - so wanted to get some more - and all we got were brussel sprouts and some more squash and a few more yams - she dropped me at work on her way home.  I was one tired puppy - all this running around plays havoc with me - but such is life.

Work is work - on Monday (4th) I got a phone call around 9:30 a.m. telling me that I needed to report to work at 12:30 for a road test.  I knew I was going for VOP training - was told I would be told on the 1st what the schedule was - but no such luck.  I was a tad thunderstruck - had thought we would have the in class session prior to the road test - but you have to pass the road test before you can take the class - DUH - oh yes I work for the post office - give my head a shake.  So reported at 12:30 for my road test - took it in one of the vans.  Had six minor errors - basically did three things wrong - stopped too close to vehicles in front of me, did not turn the steering wheel properly (bad habit I have), and did not signal early enough or keep it on long enough (training from Egypt - minute you signal you are going to change lanes that is the signal for everyone to speed up) - but did manage to pass the test - will have to work on these bad habits of mine even when driving on my own.  The class session was on Friday - so got in a full day's worth of work - and did not have to do my 'job' after - got to leave at 3:00 - YES. Was very nice to get home at four o'clock instead of seven.  By 7:30 I was in bed.  Had not slept very well - had to wake up to the alarm clock and I do not do that well - I am always worried that it will not go off - GRRRR.  Now I am going to have to wait another three months to get training on the right hand drive trucks they have - would not do to get all the training done at once.  At the training on Friday there were two new temporary letter carriers - nobody that hired on with me was there - I think I am the only one that is still employed by Canada Post - everyone else gave up and found other employment - smart.   The two new employees have not even had their letter carrier training - will be interesting to see how the one does - while we were in class watching videos she was busy texting - the instructor left the class during the video presentations - having seen them innumerable times and having other things to do.

On Friday Marian dropped me at work on her way to Edmonton - she had a doctor's appointment Friday afternoon.  then she was going to spend some time visiting with her daughter - Gloria - and grandson in Edmonton.  While we were at Superstore we did buy something else - they had bags of tomatoes for 50% off - we bought two bags of them - so I have been busy making spaghetti sauce - had thought I would make a batch of spaghetti sauce and a batch of tomato soup - but decided to just go for the sauce - Marian likes it more than the soup - so.... Yesterday (Saturday) I made up one batch and got four jars done up - next batch is stewing as I type - need to finish it off and get it canned.  Going to have spaghetti squash, home made sauce, turkey sausage, and a vegetable for supper.  Marian is on her way home - so will have that when she gets home. 

Weather has been very nice - a few clouds - but for the most part sunny - quite enjoying Indian summer - because I know that soon enough I will wake up to white stuff - brrrrr.  Had really hoped to be back in Egypt before I saw snow - but the best laid plans of mice and men.  Between making sauce and cleaning up the kitchen I have been reading.  Certainly do miss my comfy chair in front of the fireplace - SIGH.  Whenever I get ready to read I end up with a cat on me - getting in the way.  Keekee is the biggest offender - he insists on getting between me and the book.  Right now the cats are laying in the sun enjoying it as well.

I think that sums up my oh so exciting life.  Will work on another post with some fall foliage pictures.  Do not feel like fighting with that right now.

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