Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving - today is turkey day here in Canada.  I have the turkey stuffed and in the oven - smelling soooo good.

Just had a haircut - Marian cut it for me - she generally does a good job and saves me having to spend money on a haircut and having to go out - I do not think there are any cheap places to get one's hair cut here - so ..

It is another beautiful day here in Fort McMurray - we are certainly enjoying a beautiful Indian summer - I keep thinking I am going to wake up to a foot of snow - not looking forward to this - I know that it will eventually happen - later is good for me rather than sooner.

Dinner has been served - turkey was well cooked - fell off the bones in the roasting pan - messy.  Easy to carve though - not very pretty - but who cares.  The stuffing was DELISH.  The new recipe I tried for brussel sprouts turned out very nicely.  Has been a couple of years since I had turkey dinner with all the trimmings - last time was Thanksgiving 2008 - and I was sicker than a dog - did not really enjoy it much. Now I have to strip the carcass - find room in the fridge and do dishes - again.  My hands need some TLC - poor things are getting all rough and dry from doing dishes so often.  Well I best get at them - not going to get done on their own - still cannot figure out why there are no dish pixies.  Will sit down afterwards and do some more reading - not much left of the first book that I started reading - would like to finish it soon - have five more to read in less than two weeks - YIKES. 

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Lynn said...

HAppy Thanksgiving to you and your sister Maureen!!! That Turkey smells wonderful even from here. ; D

Did you get your hair colored too along with your new haircut? Amazing what a little haircut and new color will do to a girl's spirit, eh? ; D

I too am REALLY enjoying this warm fall weather. Beautiful!