Monday, November 01, 2010

As the old saying goes - time stops for no one - and that includes me - hard to believe it has been over two weeks since I last posted.

Not a lot has been going on - have made several batches of spaghetti sauce and canned them, two batches of salsa and canned them, a double batch of tomato ginger chutney which was also canned as well as one batch of tomato soup that got canned - have had a canning good time.

Work is much the same - having to pace myself so that I can stretch it out.  Finished all the RTS that there was on Friday by 5:00 - so got to head home a tad early - left 30 minutes early - started at 1:37 - so should have been out the door by 5:37 - so it was not a really big deal - but still nice to get out a bit early.  Of course most of the letter carriers had gone home by the time I arrived at 1:30.  Before I went to work I had to stop at the Provincial building to buy my bus pass for November.  Went into the building and where the cashiers are it was closed off - wondered if they were closed - but you could walk through the hangings they had - and all the cashiers were dressed up as clowns and there was free popcorn and candies for the taking - so I took a bag of popcorn - might have held 1/4 cup of popped corn and one chocolate pumpkin.  HOORAY.

Saturday we got up early and headed to WalMart - we had both taken pictures at Marian's company picnic in August - and later realized that maybe we shouldn't have - we took pictures of a friend of Marian's - his name is Monsef and he is from Tunisia - he was there with his five children and we took pictures of them - then realized that as devout muslims this might not have been appropriate - so Marian finally got around to asking him about it - and he said it was no problem and that he would love to have copies of the pictures - so we went to WalMart - and I insisted we get there early - because whenever we have been there later in the day the lineup to use their self serve photo print shop is lined up - so we got there shortly after it opened at 8 - we had to scrape the car windows - has been a LONG time since I had to do that - and I was right - it was very nice in the store at that time - not many people - and we did not have to wait to use the photo printers - well not quite true - we had to wait for them to come online - so we got the pictures printed that we wanted - must go through my photos and see about making a list to get them printed.  It is well and good to have all these photos on my camera - but it is still nice to have prints to look at.  Marian wanted to get some pants for badminton - she has been wearing capri yoga pants and she figured it was getting a tad chilly for that - so she bought some longer ones - she also bought herself a jacket and I talked her into buying a shirt - looks really good on her - but she will not wear it - she is still into wearing baggy clothing - thinking it hides her - has yet to figure out that the baggy clothes just make her look bigger.  I found a pair of capri shorts in the clearance rack for $1.00 - had to buy them - also found some socks - four pairs for $3.00 - can never have enough socks.  After WalMart she headed to her Weight Watchers meeting - she has now lost a little over 50 lbs. - must admit kind of frustrates me - she just keeps dropping weight and I am struggling to lose - have to work really hard to lose any - but she just seems to drop it no matter what she eats or does or doesn't do.  Oh well - I just have to worry about myself and quit comparing myself to her - easier said than done.  My goal this week is - just because it is there does not mean I have to eat it - so am working hard on that one.

Today I got up and got dressed for church and actually went - was good to go - but as usual quite bittersweet.  The people are quite friendly - I only stayed for sacrament as I took the car and Marian needed it to go to badminton - so I could not stay for all the meetings.  But I figured one meeting was better than none.

Not much else has been going on - getting cooler and cooler - but at least no snow yet and today was quite warm - high of  +7 - so a good night for trick or treaters - we have had eight so far - and it is 8:30 at night.  No little ones though - I think they are the cutest.

Here is my best 'side' - the back of my hair.

Here I am as a 'light auburn'.
 Ta da - finally got the pictures of my new hair colour.  Worked quite quickly this time.  Now I am going to call it a day - need to do up the dishes - check on the ham in the oven and the squash seeds that are roasting in the toaster oven.


Anonymous said...

I like your new color Maureen. It looks good on you.

Lynn said...

Oh I agree with Gabrielle!!!! Beautiful Hair color. You are so lucky to look nice with every hair style and color you do.

And all that canning you talk of has made me so hungry. ; D