Monday, November 29, 2010

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.  It is beginning to look like Christmas - and I am loving it - well most of the time - must admit when I have to go out and deliver mail in the minus 20's it is not my favourite - but such is life.  Have not had to go out to deliver mail very often - even though I spoke with the boss and she told me that I would be doing two portions - delivering mail - and then my four hours of RTS as well.  Went in on Monday to start and was relegated to working in the depot - not that I really minded - it was minus 38 with the windchill - only drawback was that I was dressed to work outside and I just about melted.  Went back on Tuesday all bundled up again and was in the depot yet again - then on Wednesday I was told not to come in early - so guess I will be heading in for 7 a.m. - as there are temps who were hired after me who do this and get work - so .... as all work is supposed to be given according to seniority - I am going to show up and see what happens.

By Thursday the weather had turned to become quite warm - well all things considered - from in the minus 30's to minus teens - much better.  Saturday Marian and I took in the bazaar that was held by the Golden Years group - great deals and some really nice handmade things.  I did not buy a lot - as I have NO room to take any more back to Egypt.  Would have been a great place to take the kids to get gifts for Mom and Dad - nice things and very reasonably priced - Marian scored some really good gifts for the grandkids.  They manage to keep the prices low by using donated goods - great place to donate excess fabric, yarn, etc.  After that we headed to Heritage Park to take in an Old Fashioned Christmas - a great thing for a family to go to - they had a small skating area, two bonfires, horse rides, hay ride, maple syrup in snow, pictures with Santa - entrance was a cash donation - most of the rides required that you purchase some coupons - coupons were $2.00 each - so the rides varied in price from $4 to $10 each.  They were renting sleds - you had to give them $5.00 and when you brought the sled back you got your money back.  Was a nice day for it - not too cold and a bit of snow coming down.  It is still snowing now - but the flakes are nice and big ones - not wet though still dry. 

Last night after we got home we curled up in Marian's bed and watched TV that she had recorded - I managed to get a fair bit done on a cross stitch project that I am working on - and of course as usually happens when I am working on my cross stitch time got away from me - it was midnight before I realized it - OMG.

Got up this morning around 7 and started baking - meant I had to clean up the kitchen first so that I could find place to work.  On Friday we had gone to WalMart - they had a Kitchen Aid mixer on sale for a good price - when I made cookies on Thursday one of the beaters on Marian's antique Sunbeam MixMaster bought it - needs to be replaced or repaired - and replacing it will be a challenge - as the machine is likely around 40 years old - used to belong to our maternal grandmother - I can remember it being used when I was a little kid - and that was a LONG time ago.  The Kitchen Aid was on for 188 instead of 288 - but we saw a Sunbeam MixMaster for $88 - and went with that - Marian is not much into baking - no time for such things - so we (I) figured the Sunbeam would suit her just fine - I will likely use it more than she will.  I have managed to cook up a double batch of kevling (almond shortbread) and have made up the dough for snowballs and regular shortbread - they are cooling in the fridge.  Now I am working on supper.  We are having ham, yam, squash and cauliflower and brocolli.  Ham is in the oven, yam has been 'par' cooked in the microwave and now I need to tend to the other veggies.  So will say TTFN  until next time.


Lynn said...

Oh it totally sounds like Christmas has arrived at your house. What fun activities!

How many watts does your new mixer have? I've noticed that there are much better mixers out there than Kitchen Aid. They are on sale everywhere, but some of them are only 250 - 350 watts! I think people are just paying for the brand name. I have a sunbeam mix master too, that I just bought for about 20.00 more than you did.....but the nice thing is that it is a 500 watt machine! YAY!

egianqueen said...

Lynn - the Sunbeam is 350 watts - plenty for what it will be used for. As I said I think I will likely use it more than she does - and it works just wonderfully.

Lynn said...

Oh that is great! And MUCH cheaper than a Kitchen Aid for the same wattage. Smart girl. ; D