Saturday, November 06, 2010

Not much happening in my little neighbourhood.  Marian is in Edmonton to attend her ex-mother in law's funeral - she invited me to go and I could have - but the prospect of staying at the cabin - read the outhouse - did not really appeal all that much - so despite the fact that I did not have to work yesterday - a) because I was not home when they called at 7:45 a.m. for me to cover a walking route and b) because there was no RTS mail to be done - I opted to stay home.  I must admit I do enjoy running water and such creature comforts.  Although there is more comfortable furniture at the cabin - but ...

Yesterday we got up and did our flyers - be thinking this will be our last month - mainly because in December I will be heading to Calgary and then off to Egypt - and Marian does not want to do it on her own - but also because it is getting to be too cold - I know, I know - I am a namby pamby - my blood has certainly 'thinned' living in Egypt and the cold gets to me much more easily now - although as time goes on I a noticing that I am able to withstand it a little more easily - just have to make sure my hands are warm - they do get cold very easily - and that has nothing to do with living in Egypt - they have been like this since my surgery on them.  SIGH.  So was out earning money when the Post Office called - ARGH - lesson learned - need to be home between 6 to 8 a.m. every morning to take a call. 

Weather here is still gorgeous - considering it is November 6 - we still do not have any snow.  Today is a beautiful bright sunny day - has been like this most of the week - kind of hard to believe it is November - until one steps outside and there is a definite 'nip' in the air.

Had been eyeing some Keen slippers - was going to order some - on my way home from the store today I stopped in a store that carries them - tried them on - could not get my dainty little foot into it - it is too high in the instep - ARGH - they looked like a fantastic pair of slippers - awesome arch support - so could wear them and not have sore feet and legs by the end of the day - especially in Egypt where the floors are ceramic tile on top of concrete - not a lot of give - read NONE.  So if I am busy in the kitchen for the day - my feet and legs are killing my by the time I am finished.  Oh well - one of the 'perks' of having wide feet with a very high instep - but glad I figured it out before ordering them and then having the hassle of returning them.

Not much for plans for today - although I keep thinking I should get busy and make some home made split pea soup and some tomato soup - so that we have it to eat during the week - also have a hankering for garlic cheese baking powder biscuits to go along with the soup - yummy.  But that would mean I would have to clean up the kitchen - SIGH - guess I should get busy and do it - needs doing and I do feel better when it is cleaned up and I can see the countertops.   Must admit I am missing home more and more.

Sunrise - October 2010 - from Marian's front step

Sunrise - October 30, 2010 - from WalMart parking lot.

Sunrise - October 2010 - from Marian's front step
Unfortunately the camera does not capture the true colours - the sunrises were a lot redder than I could capture - but gives a good idea of the sunrises here - they are truly magnificent - love stopping and watching God's handiwork.

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Lynn said...

Wow. I can just imagine what the sun rises look like up there. Beautiful!

And how come I end up being SO hungry every time I read your posts. The foods you make sound so comforting and warm. ; D