Saturday, March 01, 2008

I am here - I am well - sort of - in a bit of mental turmoil - but such is my life. My 'best buddy' took off to Canada - she had the chance to leave so she packed herself and her five kids and headed west - she is now back home getting her life in order. Gave me pause for thought - what DO I WANT????? I know that I do not really want what I have here in Egypt - as I said to my husband if I wanted to be single I would prefer to be single in Canada - where at least I am not a fish out of water. My husband is spending 90% of his time in Libya - has to provide a future for himself and his family - only drawback is that I am not included in the list of providing a future for - that is up to me.

I took my car in to be fixed - at last. Insurance company was not happy - I am required to inform them within 72 hours of an accident - I had Aymn peruse the paperwork that I was given when I got the insurance - of course it is all in Arabic - and I cannot read it - go figure - so he read it and nowhere does it stipulate that the accident needed to be reported within 72 hours - so he phoned the company - fellow said come in and talk to his manager - and because they did not give me the terms and conditions they agreed to fix the car - YEAH. Then we ran into another snafu - my International Driver's Licence expired on January 4 - so here I am driving without a license - no insurance - BUT the accident happened in September so I was covered - WHEW. Took the car in to Toyota - and they had my 'baby' for 11 days - OMG - I am sure dependent on my baby - got the car back on Feb. 23 - could have picked it up on the 22nd - but was not keen about waiting around for the insurance guy to come and take pics of the thing before I could take it - so went early Saturday morning with my SIL - Suzanne - and picked it up. Looks soooo good. Almost like new - had both bumpers replaced, the back hatch replaced and the front windshield replaced (had a crack in it). Nothing is easy here - went to pay with my credit card - did not have enough cash - and I had to pay first and then I will get reimbursed by the insurance company (if I had taken the car to one of the insurance companies 'garage of choice' they would have paid for it right away - but I insisted on taking it to Toyotal - waned to make sure I got original Toyota parts) - and was informed that I could not use the credit card - ARGH - so I got on my cell phone and phoned Canada - asked why I could not use it - after of course answering 50 questions - woman asked me if the charge was around 1600 dollars - I said yes - she asked if it was for a car rental - I said no - I was getting my car repaired - hmmmm - when are you coming back to Canada - will be coming back in July or August (MAYBE) for a visit - are you LIVING in Egypt??? - yes I am - how long have you been living there? - since Dec. 2005 - okay will make a note on your file - try the charge again - it worked. Fellow who was taking my money commented - Canada 2008 Egypt 1998 - I agreed - my SIL was insulted. YEAH - had wheels back - big sigh of relief. As I am leaving the compound I am told to take the salvage to the insurance company - pardon me - there sit the two bumpers and I am expected to take them to the insurance company - I think not - told them if the insurance company wants them then they can come and pick them up - no way am I going to cart them around. I can just see myself in downtown carrying the two bumpers into the office building and up the two flights of stairs and dropping them on the reception desk - hmmmm - tempting - but no thanks. Sunday I had to drive to the downtown area - not my favourite place to drive - but there is a parkade (of sorts) next door to the office of the insurance company - so parked there - walked over and gave them the receipt proving I had paid for the car. Need to call the company tomorrow to start the dance about where my cheque is - need it so I can transfer the money to Canada to pay the bill.

After hitting the insurance company I went out to Carrefour - needed a couple of things - having wheels is so nice - and it hit me that I had promised to take my MIL to get her pension cheque - ARGH - oh well - too late now. When I got home I phoned Suzanne and apologized - told her to call mom and I would take her on Tuesday - felt like a real heel. I had completely forgotten that on Friday I had said I would take her on Sunday. Aymn arrived back in town on Monday -went to his family - Tuesday morning he came over to see me - and was not thrilled that I had plans to take mom to her pension - but after sulking and not getting me to change my mind - he came along - and it was a good thing he did - he finally got things sorted out - Mom had not received her pension for over a year - Aymn found out why - she owed them money - she had been receiving money for her youngest daughter - well said daughter got married and Mom did not inform them for about a year - so .... In shaa allah she will start receiving her pension next month - will be delivered to the post office near Mom's - so I no longer have to take her to the pension office.

Wednesday saw Aymn and I heading to Cairo - me dreading it - he had 'business' to attend to - which of course meant I spent 95% of the day cooped up in the car as we drove all over Cairo - and he picked up his buddy Mohammed - now do not get me wrong - I really like Mohammed - he is a great guy - but his voice gives me a headache - he is very loud and the pitch is like fingers on a chalkboard. So I am popping pills trying to keep the headache at bay - combination of Cairo pollution and the noise - enough to give me a migraine. And did we drive - we ended up at 10th of Ramadan - where my buddy used to live - then back through Cairo to drop Mohammed off - then we headed home. Stopped at Dandy Mall - pee break for me - and quick drop in to Carrefour - had planned on eating but my headache was just going to migraine mode - so eating was not at all appealing - and of course Aymn figured he could wait until we got home - it was after 8 by this time - tough to be so danged cheap. I popped 3 more pills and thank goodness the migraine did not end up being full blown.

About 1/2 way home Aymn drove over a tire tread - biggest hunk of rubber I have ever seen - and of course he was going very fast and could not avoid it - thank god we were not hurt - I was just shaken - but the car was not so fortunate - my brand new back bumper was half off - WAAAAAAAA. Oh well - such is life in Egypt - I now know why I refuse to drive after dark on the highways.

Thursday we invited Mom over for supper - Aymn had purchased some goat meat and he was going to roast it - I made a birthday cake - his birthday is Feb. 18 and of course he was not around - but figured it would be a nice surprise. Well Mom backed out at the 11th hour - Aymn phoned to say he was on his way - and she said that Mr. Mossad had arrived unannounced and she had fed him and he was still there visiting - ARGH. Oh well - so Aymn roasted the meat - I cooked some rice - I had cut up a bunch of veggies and had made a 'ranch' dip - so we ate that - except the goat was so TOUGH I could not eat it - so I ate lots of veggies. Then before we could have dessert Aymn got a phone call and he was off and running - would be back in an hour - work he had left to be done at a workshop was done - got a call after an hour - they were not even finished the work yet - would be another half hour - how do you spell pissed off - well that was me - he left before 7 and did not get back until after 10:30 - by which time I was in bed - just steamed. No birthday cake - good think I like the cake - mmmm - just what I need - but hey.

On the way to Cairo we stopped and bought some tangerines - they also had red grapefruit for sale - so we bought some - and I am now eating one - it is soooo good. I have never had a really fresh grapefruit - almost worth the trip to get some more - LOL. They were very expensive - 2 egyptian pounds per kilo - that is about 40 cents canadian. Should have got more than 2 kg of them.

That is my life - sorry for the lapse in updates. Will try to do better.

Oh and I did break down and share the cake with Aymn - he had a piece yesterday morning before he headed home - not sure he will get any more - but -he did at least get one piece.


Cairogal said...

What happened to your car to begin with? Did I miss a post? So good to hear from you, Mo. I imagine things are a bit quiet w/o your buddy there. Are you keeping busy otherwise?

PM said...

Oh Mo,

Reading this reminds me of times gone by. All I can say, is take care of you and grab the life you want. If you wait for a man who has an Arab first wife to give it to you, you will never get it.

I am SO happy now I wonder why I was willing to stay so long with a man who wasn't devoted to our marriage as much as I was.

God bless,

Lynn said...

My heart goes out to you Maureen. I read about your mental turmoil, and I feel helpless to know what to do to help you. I guess I can only be here for you when YOU make your own decision on what it best for you.

Too bad about your car. Sounds like you almost had another accident there when it went over a broken tire piece. Yikes!

I'm glad that you are still there and able to connect. I was wondering what happened. Stay in touch! : D