Friday, March 14, 2008

Just a quick update - due to 'deaths' in the family my visit to Mohmadea was shorter than expected - I ended up coming back to Alex Thursday around noon. The silver lining in the cloud. I love my family - but their beds leave soooo much to be desired. I did not get a lot of sleep - I am a pampered westerner - they have a cotton mattress and pillow on the bed of honour that I am given - and even with all my padding I hurt - every time I move my hips, knees and neck groan in agony - so I was very 'grateful' to get home early.

Today I am busy doing laundry and cleaning my house in preparation to taking off again. My visit to Ain Sokhna will be shorter than I was planning on due to the prophet's birthday - a day that is celebrated here with a day off - which puzzles me as the 'religion' purportedly does not 'favour' celebrating birthdays - hmmmm - must admit it does confuse me - the mixture of culture and religion and trying to figure out which is which. I am soo looking forward to some sand and surf time - mmmmm. Taking some books to read on the beach - working on my tan - I know I know - I will be liberally covered with sunscreen - wearing a hat - keeping my face out of the sun. I will soon like these Arab girls who use products on their face to bleach their skin colour so they appear white - and then their hands and feet are nice and brown - only difference is that I will NOT be bleaching my face - no way no how.

I need to make a quick trip to my MIL to drop off the scissors that she gave Aymn to be sharpened - needless to say they are still as dull as dishwater. If I knew where to get them sharpened I would - but I do not have a clue - and according to Aymn Mom does know where to go and get them sharpened - guess there is a place not far from her apartment.

Anyhow - not much else to report. Life here is as usual - have not had too many I HATE EGYPT days - must admit having my driver's license makes me much happier when I am out and about driving - did not driving illegally - always anxious when I see police check points - and they are always out there. It is like Christmas in Canada - with all the Checkpoints - all the time here in Egypt. I have yet to travel to Cairo without encountering at least two checkpoints - and when we came back from Mohmadeah yesterday there was a checkpoint - no idea what they were checking because I got flagged through.

So TTFN - think of me basking on the beach and floating around in the beautiful blue water.


Cairogal said...

Wow....2 blogs from Maureen in the same week! I'm going to have to write this down! :P

I know what you mean about the beds...I used to hurt just getting into the bed.

Are you taking Arabic lessons, m?

Lynn said...

Ooooo! I am SO envious! I can feel the sun on my face from way over there, as we speak. We have word of more snow flurries tonight. : (

Anonymous said...

Assalamu Alaikum,

What happened to Safa??? Is she okay?

Solace said...

Hope you had a nice trip:-)