Saturday, March 22, 2008

I am home - got back yesterday (Friday) afternoon. Had a great time - spent lots of time on the beach and in the water - water was 'invigorating'. Beach was pretty much deserted Monday thru Wednesday - but Thursday it got very crowded - a preview of what the summer will be like. Something that struck me was seeing people drinking alcohol at the beach - I live in a country that is basically Muslim - no alcohol - and sitting around the beach they are just chugging the booze - shakes my head - just seemed kinda strange - coming from Canada - where alcohol is 'legal' and yet not in a public place.

Came back to a heat wave. Temperature today was 33 C - tomorrow the high is forecast to be 35 C - Tuesday down to 25 C - back to normal. One thing I do miss is the change in the seasons - here there seem to be only two seasons - winter and summer - no spring - no fall. Last week I could leave the butter out on the counter and it was just the right consistency for spreading - now it is melting - seems to be no happy medium.

Prior to leaving for Ain Sokhna I was 'informed' by Aymn that he would like me to come and stay in Libya. Actually I told him that the next time he goes to Libya I want to go with him - I was figuring on a two week stay so I could visit my friends - and he said that was fine - but he would like me to stay for two months - GULP. Back to being a gypsy - living in a rented flat with someone else's furniture - no phone - no internet in the house - no washer - I know, I know I am soooo spoiled - but this came out of left field. I know he is not happy spending so much time in Libya on his own - but I never thought he would want me to live there. Needless to say my head is spinning and sleep is hard to come by. I just do not know what to do - but as someone commented - I could go and if I really do not like it I could come back to Egypt early. The real kink in the works is that I would not be able to take my car - so I would be without wheels - asked Aymn about taking the car - and he said no - because the young men in Libya target foreign cars to steal. SIGH. Where will I leave my car for two months - do not want to leave it parked on the street. What will happen to the garden - who will look after it for two months. All these things that need to be considered.

While in Sokhna my car got hit again - I was leaving the beach on Thursday - had parked so that I was facing the right direction - as they park on both sides of the street - and when it is crowded it leaves no room for turning around - and there were cars coming and parking - so I had stopped - some moron was backing up and did not see me - ARGH - and I did not look carefully at the damage - and upon closer inspection found out that the back door has been pranged again - I think I give up. I will just drive around with a dented car - does not seem to be much point in having a car that looks good - seems to be a target.

Will endeavour to download some pictures of the water and the beach. Wishing I was back there in the 'invigorating' water.

Must go - will keep you posted on where my life goes next.


Cairogal said...

Did you know the largest consumers of Egyptian beer are taxi and truck drivers? :-) Puts it all into perspective.

Have you heard of the site "Vacation Rental by Owners"? Maybe you could put your flat up on that while you're gone. I would also try and find some teachers in Alex who are looking for accommodation. You might get them to take care of the plants, check on the car and such for a reduced rent.

Anonymous said...

Yes Maureen come back to Libya we miss you, you can drive here no problem

egianqueen said...

Anonymous - who art thoU? I know I can drive with no problem - Aymn is concerned about my car being stolen - he thinks that foreigners cars are targeted by thieves.