Monday, March 10, 2008

Woo hoo - I am finally legal - after only three days of running around I have my Egyptian driver's license - it is good for 10 years - thank God. We ended up having to go to the big boss - because one of the requirements to get a license here is proof of literacy - graduation paper from somewhere - unfortunately not something I carry around with me. So we went to the head officer in charge of all the traffic police in Alexandria - and he waived the necessity to prove that I was literate - phoned the officer who refused me the day before and told him that foreigners do not need to prove literacy - that is only for Egyptians - WHEW.

Aymn was in town - he left back for Libya last Friday - the 7th - we were very busy running around doing things finding things for his business in Libya - nice for him that I have a car that will carry a lot of stuff - or he would have been forking over a lot of money renting trucks to transport his treasures. We were in Cairo looking for things - gotta love that - not really. I ended up with a splitting headache. And on the way home - in the dark - with Aymn driving - he ran over a tire tread - the whole tire - laid over the entire lane we were in - and it flipped up and tore off the new bumper - I had had the car back from the shop for 3 days - WAAAAAA. Thank God no one was injured - just shook up - but I now have to take the car back and get it fixed - GRRRRR.

Weather here is getting really nice - today it was sunny and warm - great beach day - but alas I was too busy to get to enjoy that.

Tomorrow I am heading to Mohmodeah for a few days to visit with Suzanne (SIL) and her family - will be back Thursday or Friday - dependent on what Aymn's eldest son is going to do - he has made noises that he will come out on Thursday - and I will not stay then. Saturday I am heading to Ain el Sokhna with Margaret and her hubby - will be there for five or six days - going to pack my swim gear and looking forward to spending some time on the beach - swimming, reading, cross stitching - just relaxing.

Not a lot more to report - life is pretty much the same. Although I was able to connect with a couple of 'women' that I went to school with in Pinawa - that was great. They had a reunion last year - in honour of the class turning 50 - and of course I missed it - hope to be kept in the loop for any other reunions and plan on being around for the next one.


Lynn said...

Man! And I thought I had such bad luck with vehicles. Okay. I give. You win! : D Hope you get it back soon. What kind of treasures did you find?

on the edge said...

So glade to hear your voice once again . Ayeman did call last week when he was here but our phone was out of order after that so hope he didn't try to call later . I have been at the phone company for months now to get it fixed !!!! I just had to laugh when I read the part about your bumper because it is just so "life in the 3rd World " typical for here huh ! So Sorry !!!! Hope you can get it fixed ... AGAIN !