Sunday, October 05, 2008

Wow - where has the time gone - anyone see a theme running through my trip back to Canada.

I am now living with a very good friend - Tina and her hubby Sav - she has opened her home to me at anytime - and I have taken her up on it. Not sure if she thinks it is such a good idea now - LOL. Although I do try to make myself somewhat useful - if I am around I cook supper - as both are out working - she has asked me if I really need to go back to Egypt - she will hire me as her cook - LOL. Not a bad idea. There is a bedroom in the basement where I hang my hat - and right next door is a bathroom with a wonderful 2 person jacuzzi tub - needless to say I am really enjoying being able to soak on a regular basis - nothing like it to relax a stressed out soul.

Due to 'circumstances' it has been decided that I will not be staying with Miles and Shani again. My visiting and staying with them is too much of a burden on Miles as he is very protective of 'his' space. After all I decided to move to Egypt and he never understood it to mean that I would be 'living' with him again - so.... enough said.

Weather here has been wonderful - considering it is October. Last Thursday a temperature record was broken - it had been set in a very long time ago - it was a beautiful day - things have cooled down a bit - there is definitely a 'bite' in the air now - certainly feels like fall. Must admit I do miss the seasons - Egypt seems to have two - summer and winter - the transition is so short that it is usually missed. Sort of like passing through a small town in Saskatchewan - blink and you have missed it. Miss the smells that the seasons bring - nothing like it. When I drive to Creston - I will roll down the window when I get to the vicinity and I will smell apples on the wind - in spring you smell the blossoms - and as you drive through the mountains the smell of evergreen is fantastic - definitely miss these things.

Last night I was 'dragged' to a candle party - if I lived here I could see myself spending a lot of money - thank goodness I do not have room to take the treasures home. I must admit it was fun smelling all the scents that they have - has anyone noticed how nice they perceive the sea to smell - supposed to be a soothing scent - well let me tell you no beach or sea has ever smelled that sweet - although I am sure the 'true' scent would not be a big seller.

Thursday evening I was 'dragged' to a jewellery party - left my wallet at home - only thing I was tempted by was a man's silver ring - could have stood in for a wedding band for Aymn - but I am not 100% sure of his ring size - just know his finger is very large - and I was not sure it would arrive in time - saved by the bell. There were a lot of very nice things - very pretty - mostly done in silver though - and I do not have a lot of silver anymore - gold seems to be the way to go in Egypt and I am not complaining. Although the young girls seem to wear a lot of silver - not nearly as expensive as gold - so they can have fun mixing and matching and not be completely broke.

I spent Friday with Maurine - we went to Mountain Equipment Coop - more commonly referred to as MEC - I went looking for a backpack that I could use in Egypt for carrying my gym stuff to the gym and also use for 'day trips'. I am tired of buying backpacks that fall apart in a heartbeat. Miles bought a backpack 8 years ago when he went up north to work - he took it on his mission - he still has it - looks a bit worse for wear - but has not fallen apart yet. I always assumed that their bags were pricey - but I was wrong - I got a really nice 14L pod bag for only $24.00 - but of course found other things I just had to have. Have been looking for a water bottle that has a straw in it - as I do not like tipping up the water bottle to drink when I am driving - found a 1 L one there - environmentally friendly, non toxic - for $14.00 - also have been keeping my eye open for a travel clock that has a light so that I can see the time at night - found a Timex with Indiglo - for $21.00 - pricier than I would have liked - but I have not seen any - so ..... I also purchased a Canadian flag decal to put on my backpack - must be patriotic. I also found a 'bag' for Aymn - last year I bought him a leather purse for keeping his essential papers in - and it is falling apart - stitching is coming apart - figured this one might last better - hope he uses it - if not I will - no problems there. Maurine bought me a medium sized travel bag for my makeup - actually transferred everything into it this morning and threw out the one I had been using - is very nice - has a hook on it so you can hang it up - lots of places to put things.

Went back to MEC yesterday (Saturday) with Tina - she liked the idea of the pod bag - so she bought herself one and of course found treasures that she had to have - prior to entering the store she had no intention of purchasing a membership - but she ended up getting one - lots of really neat things for camping and since she and Sav have a really nice trailer - she saw lots of treasures that would be oh so useful. I ended up buying myself a tiny pocket knife and a little light to attach to my key ring - always useful to have one when you end up doing the stairs and the lights go out. I had one - and dad 'fixed' it for me - but the piece that attached it to the key ring broke - so I could never find it in my bag - and then it just all fell apart. Will get it out of my bag and put it in my bedside table - or somewhere else for when the power fails - which it does quite regularly.

I am going to be spending tomorrow with Maurine again - never seem to have enough time with her - this business of her having to work for a living is a real kill joy - and she has taken on another job - so she is even busier - SIGH. Maybe next time I come we can arrange to 'holiday' for a few days together. We have so much fun together. We may be taking off for Banff again - I was informed that she does not want to stay in Calgary - I am up for it.

Have not been taking many pictures this trip - not sure why - but I rarely remember to take my camera with me when I go out. Should pack up my backpack and just start taking it with me when I go out. What a concept.

Friday (Oct. 10) I head out to BC to spend two weeks with my parents - looking forward to a wonderful turkey dinner for Thanksgiving - will have to hold me over for Christmas as well - because I will not be cooking a turkey again in Egypt - LOL. Christmas this year will be nothing special - oh well - such is life. Maurine has expressed a wish that I would be here for Christmas - nice idea - but not sure I am ready for the snow and cold - LOL. And must admit that I am looking forward to being 'home' in my own bed, I love visiting but it gets to me after a while - miss having my own place. Am looking forward to spending time with my parents - hope to get a trip to the States - will see how it goes.


Lynn said...

I am SO glad that you have a place to stay with a decent amount of space and comfort for you to enjoy. That tub sounds heavenly!

Looks like you have had a great shopping trip too. How come I have never heard of that place? I think I am going to have to check it out. A lot of cool items you got.

I totally hear you about the smells in the air while traveling. Going back to your parents for Thanksgiving will be SO much fun. HAve a safe trip!

Rhonda said...

I have been in the margin lately. Not sure if u are going back to Egypt? I would guess from some things u said that you will, however it is a little unclear. Glad to know u are experiencing this glorious fall, and really appreciating your blessings. Take care.

Safa said...

oh hey....if they bottled the smell of the sea in Alex during tourist season it'd be a toss up between, "rotten and spoiled" and "disgusting fart"......LOL! Oh how Alex suffers from the tourists.....

on the edge said...

Oh God ... there you go again ... doing all the fun stuff and you no longer have to "Put Up with Obnoxious kids" any more , what more could a woman want ???? LOL ! AND .. Thanksgiving at home too , with Fall thrown in for chuckles and grins ??? MY oh MY Ms. Thing , you will be spoiled to death by the time you get back to Africa !