Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ta da - went and got my hairs cut yesterday. Virginia, who currently resides up the hill from my parent's home, is a hairdresser and she is awesome. Feels so good to have a 'good' haircut - wish I could take her back to Egypt in my pocket - I am sure she would be kept very busy as she is a 'bona fide' hair dresser and very good at her profession.

Must admit I need to work on my technique for taking photos of myself - LOL. Not that I want to make this a practice as I do not really like having my picture taken - but sometimes it just needs to be done.

Aymn noticed right away - had chatted with him before I got the hair cut and then chatted with him again after the cut. He asked me if I had it coloured - told him no -could not afford it - besides I like it like this - what do you think???

Aymn will likely not be back in Egypt to meet me at the airport - business and all. Logically I do not mind - in fact I quite enjoy it when I arrive on my own - although I do like to have someone there to pick me up as I arrive out in the boonies at 2:30 a.m. or thereabouts - but it is nice to have some time to unwind before I have to 'deal' with everything else. But there is a little part that just niggles at me - he has no problem making it home for Eid for his family - just puts business on hold - he has yet to miss an Eid with them - but he cannot make the effort - put the business on hold for me - SIGH. Ah well - such is life.

I am certainly enjoying my time here in Canada - hard to go back - does not seem like I have had enough time to visit with people. Next time I come I am going to kidnap MDM and take her away for a few days so we can just spend time with each other. Never seem to be able to spend enough time with her. Also have not had enough time with Deb, did not seem to get to go out for lunch or wander around Costco with her - miss that - although now that the fog has dissipated we did manage one trip to Costco - and then got blown around afterwards - what a storm. Wanted to make it out to Pinawa to visit some old friends - but time and money were agin me. Next time. I had a great time in TO with my buddy there - next time will spend more time - so be warned. Also need to spend more time with the folks. Just seems to be lots more time is needed. But next time I will not be spending time with Miles and Shani - so that will give me more 'free' time. Sorry Tina, your invitation will be used, the accomodation and company are wonderful and the price of a reservation is cooking a few meals - small price to pay. Also missed spending time in my old church ward - but as luck would have it - just turned out that it was 'easier' (read less costly) to head to the nearest ward - rather than driving halfway across the city. Next time though. And of course there were lots of people that I did not even get to see - got to chat with some of them - next time I will be more together - this time was kind of messed up - too much to ponder and wonder about.


Lynn said...

I am just glad that you publicly announced that there will be a "next time". So now we can hold you to it. : D Look forward to the next visit.

I really REALLY like your new Hair DO! It's very you!

Amani said...

I just want to tell you that I truly enjoy of reading your blog and I think you are a wonderfully witty and lovely person.
It took years from me to be able to call Egypt my home but now I wouldn't be any where else. Wish the same for you:)

All the best and God's blessings.

on the edge said...

Love the hair darlink !!!! The color, the cut !!! I am wearing my hair almost as short now too . Love it . So easy to wear don't you think ? I call it my wash and wear hair .

Anonymous said...

Your haircut looks so nice. Getting one's hair trimmed, always makes me walk a little taller.


egianqueen said...

Lynn - do not think there was truly any doubt that I would be back to Canada - doubt lay in whether I would be back in Egypt or not. Thanks for the comment about the hair - I really love it - just hope I can find someone here who can keep it up.

Amani: Until recently I considered Egypt my home as soon as I moved here - just circumstances have changed and I no longer feel that way - in shaa allah (God willing) I will be able to feel that way again. Thanks for the 'attagirls' about the blog - I do enjoy writing it - find it very therapeutice.

On the Edge: We need to get together and get pics taken of the 'bobbsey twins' - LOL. Would so love to hit Tripoli for a vist - sure do miss everyone.

Amira: Thanks for the comments about the hair - I do enjoy a good hair cut - although must admit it does lose something living in Egypt where very few people get to see it and I cover it up everytime I walk out the door - but such is life.