Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hard to believe that this time next week I will be enroute back to Egypt - where has the time gone. As the time draws closer to leave I get more anxious and less 'happy' about returning to Egypt. I am looking forward to being in my own place - my own bed - but that is about the extent of it. Not looking forward to dealing with issues that require attention - SIGH - but alas I can no longer bury my head in the sand - need to get back - bite the bullet and get things straightened out - in shaa allah (God willing).

I am in BC at my parent's place. Have been here for 10 days - unfortunately have been unwell for a great part of the time - SIGH. Came down with something last Monday - great way to spend Thanksgiving - was in bed most of the day - crawled out of bed to set the table - took some food and could barely eat a bite of much - so frustrating - had been so looking forward to chowing down on the wonderful turkey dinner that was prepared. Have gotten over the fever and the chills - but have a wonderful 'cough' - cough so long and hard I am sure my toenails are coming up - sure hope I can shake this before I take off.

Arrived here in BC on the 10th - had an uneventful trip - saw no wildlife on the road - and on Saturday went to Yahk to spend time with my friend Michele and her family who were there - spent the day outside sitting around a fire - haven't smelled that good in a lot of years - LOL. The cooks were busy - we were served chili, cream of potato/corn soup, and stewp - all of which were delicious - good food, good company = good times.

We took off for the States on the 16th - did not buy much - lack of funds and really not much caught my eye - did manage to pick up a couple pair of clip on sunglasses for my glasses - which is a good thing. We left dad in Sandpoint at Staples while mom and I continued on down to Couer d'Alene - wanted to stock up on some embroidery floss for my cross stitch - but the store we went down to no longer carries DMC floss ARGH - then we stopped in at Michaels - they had some - but not all - so will have to see what I can find back in Calgary - would like to get the colours I want so I can work on the projects - not that I do not have any projects that I could start in Egypt - but these onces caught my eye - like the other's didn't - I know I am soooo bad. Am determined to continue working on my cross stitch once I get back to Egypt - need to keep myself occupied and that is something I enjoy doing and it keeps my hands busy. We took so long that I figured dad would have been hired - but they were not quite quick enough. While he was hanging around he found himself a computer chair that he liked - so we brought that back.

Must admit it is 'interesting' going through the Border when you live in Egypt - get a lot of looks. Was not too surprised at the interest that was sparked when I went through to the States - but was a tad surprised when I was questioned when we came back to Canada - even with my Canadian passport - nothing terrible - just more questions than I am used to - such is life.

Weather here has been quite nice - have had one day of rain - yesterday (Monday) and for the most part it has been quite sunny and relatively warm - I am sure my Egyptian family would not agree that it is warm - but for Canada it has been very nice - no snow as of yet - there is snow at higher elevations - but nothing yet where we are. Although when I drove out here there were a few flakes in the higher elevations - nothing that stuck though.

Below is a picture taken from my parent's back yard - looking north up the mountain - trying to get that burst of colour - I love the fall colours - miss them a lot.

Above is a picture that I took at the border - it was such a calm day - I could not resist - the water looks like a mirror.

This is me with my new hat - gotta love it - dontcha??? Bought it while Maurine and I were at Banff - first time we went I was tempted - but discretion won out - but then I did not buy the hat at Niagara Falls - so this time I just could not resist - must admit I luvvvvved the look on Maurine's face as we walked down the street in Banff - wish I had taken a pic. Luv ya cuzzy.

Here is Maureen and Maurine - Maurine is trying not to get poked in the eye with the antlers - we had sooo much fun.

We were unable to find a moose crossing sign - we saw a few elk crossing signs - but did not stop at them - found this one - and opted to go for it - gotta love the wildlife you find in Alberta - LOL.

Here we are in Yahk - enjoying the weather. I shall be kind and not name any names.

And here is the fire - looking nice and toasty warm. Can you tell that the people are chilly - arms all crossed trying to keep warm.


Lynn said...

Sorry to hear that you've been sick! It seems that the flu bug is EVERYWHERE these days. : (

Hope you feel better soon.
LOVED the pics! Especially the "hat" one and the "Elk crossing". LOL! You are so fun.

Anonymous said...

Hee hee hee - just love the "Elk-crossing" pic - ah, you know, cuzzy, I really will miss you when you return to "deal". We have such fun - although I have to admit that this time the hat did freak me out a bit in Tony Roma's...
Love ya!

on the edge said...

I hope you are much better now . Wishing you a ... Happy Thanksgiving Late .... good trip home ..... that no hunters see you in that hat !!! LOL ! I was really hoping you would take pictures for us to look at . Thanks , they were wonderful and I have to say Fur becomes you !