Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time is sure flying - but I am having fun - that is good.

I am in TO visiting my buddy - we have been having a lot of fun. Monday we headed to Niagara Falls - have never been there - we got a bit of a late start and then took the 'scenic' route - so we did not arrive very early - all the 'attractions' - the Maid of the Mist (boat ride) and the observation deck were already closed by the time we got there - but it was wonderful to see the Falls - talk about awesome - makes one feel very insignificant in this world. We had a lot of fun - took lots of pictures - if the computer cooperates I will upload a few of them. We are thinking that next time we will spend a night - so much to do and see - would not want to go there during the high holiday season - I can imagine it would be a real zoo - would feel like I was in Egypt - and I do not appreciate the crowds.

Weather here has been pretty good - although as per usual the weekend was wet - although we did some walking in the rain as it was in the mid teens - so not too bad for walking in the rain - Sunday night there were big winds (we did not experience them where we are) - big enough to topple trees and of course they fell on cars - so people were not happy - they are attributing the winds to the last huffs and puffs of Hurricane Ike. Gas prices increased 15 cents overnight - talk about gouging the public. Must admit this just gets my back up - they are so fast to hike the price when there is the slightest increase in the price of oil - but when oil prices fall - it takes forever for the price at the pumps to reflect the decrease.

Thursday will see me heading back to Calgary - where I will be hanging my hat for a couple more weeks before I head out to Creston to spend the last leg of my holiday with my parents. Will actually meet up with my folks on the 21st of Sept. as my dad has an eye appointment on the 22nd - so will be good to see them. Figured I would spend Thanksgiving with them - as I will be in the country - and since I am using their car - best plan was to save the visit until just before I departed so I would not have to pay to drive out there twice - with the price of gas as high as it is. Must admit I do not look forward to the bus trip back to Calgary - I am thoroughly spoiled - but such is life.

A wonderful shot of the falls - awesome.

Dig the hat - I do believe I will have started a new fashion trend - on the green 'ribbon' it says 'Let's Party'.

Me and Safa with the falls behind us.

The two of us in front of one of the gardens.

Me with the falls behind me - notice the rainbow over my right shoulder.


Lynn said...

Oh Maureen! YOu are so fun. Looks like you are having the time of your life. That is good. Love the purple hat. : D

Hope to see you when you get back in town sometime.

Anonymous said...

With the hat on, you look like the life of the party. Sounds like you and Safa had a great visit!


on the edge said...

So good to see you again and to hear what a wonderful time you are having there at home ! You have lost so much weight too ! WOW !!!! Say hello to your parents .

UmmAbdur-Rahmaan said...

That hat is so rockin'.