Monday, September 01, 2008

Here it is Sunday, August 31 - tomorrow is the first day of Ramadan - Ramadan Kareem to all my muslim friends.

This is the last long weekend of the summer - and as per usual it has been cool and wet. Friday was a nice day - Saturday we had some sun - then it started to rain in the evening and is still cloudy - not sure if it is raining at the moment - but when you go out it smells like earthworms - and wet. Miles is very happy for the rain - he has been working very hard on the grass - he had just put some more seed down so is tickled green with the cool damp weather - great for new grass.

I spent most of Thursday and Friday with my sister Marian, and some of her brood. My eldest niece has recently moved back to Calgary and had a baby at the end of July - so it was quite a gathering - my youngest nephew was with my sister - he has decided - after living for 2.5 years with his father in Nanaimo,BC - to move back with his mom. Friday my niece dragged us on a 'short' walk to the Farmer's Market - only to get there after they were closed - so then we walked a 'bit' further to an ice cream shop - mmmmmm - very good ice cream - we then had to walk 12 blocks home. Unfortunately I was wearing my sandals so my right foot is giving me grief.

Thursday evening I drove out to Okotoks and spent the evening with a good friend of mine - left much to late - did not get home until around 11:30 - 4:30 a.m. came much to early - after working out at the gym on Friday I hit the hay for a few more hours of sleep.

I have been going to the gym every day - meet up with my workout buddies at 6 a.m. and exercise and then on my way home by 7:30 - unless I go out to Tim Horton's for hot chocolate and a donut - only done that once - LOL.

I have been busy with visiting friends - although I must admit the list gets shorter every time I come back - but such is life. I have also been busy shopping for my list of must haves to take back to Egypt when I head back.

I am hoping to spend some time with Maurine this coming week - she has been busy working - and her husband broke his arm and wrist last Wednesday - when I spoke with her last night he was still in the hospital - she is quite concerned - as five months ago she fell and injured herself the same way - different arm though - and she was only in the hospital one day - so she is wondering what is up with the extended hospital stay. And as I am persona non grata with her husband it may be tough to see much of her while he is home recuperating - but I am sure we will figure something out.

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Lynn said...

Hey Maureen!

Sounds like you've been busy since you got here. E-mail me and let me know when would be good for our annual lunch date! Same place?