Thursday, April 19, 2007

Well here it is Thursday - have not been doing a lot - yesterday saw Sharon and I hopping into a taxi to head downtown - not wanting to try to find parking with the car - to get my ticket to Canada - and wouldn't you know it there was plenty of parking by the travel agency. Then we decided to head to Ibrahamiah to check out the Chinese Bazaar - got there before it opened so checked out a few other shops - managed to spend time and money - of course - I actually found a 'bathing suit' that covers me appropriately - only drawback is that it is skin tight - but no matter what I wear when I get out of the water it is sticking to me - also managed to get a few scarves to go along with the new 'dresses' I have purchased - need to quit buying them - have lots - but they are so inexpensive and change the look of the outfit with minimal fuss and expense - and of course Sharon is not much help - she is just like Maurine - my cousin - egging me on to buy more - I bought quite a few things - it was a lot of fun - looking forward to going back with my mom when she is in town. So be warned - bring your shopping shoes - lol.

Today we went to Fathalla - I wanted to go and get a key cut - got home and realized I had not remembered to get the key - dang it - oh well - Suzanne tells me there is a place not far from here where I can get a key cut - want an extra key for the car. When I went to get the car - it was parked in a corner and well and truly boxed in - should have taken a video of the guy trying to get it out of the corner - they eventually moved it sideways by bouncing it and pulling/pushing it - but in the course of events they managed to bank up my front bumper - scraped the paint off and put a dent in the side panel - ARGH - oh well - such is life. Need to go and park the car - just left it on the street in front of the flat - but really do need to take it back to the parking area - hard to believe - but it is relatively 'safe' there - at least no one will rip off the Toyota symbol or anything like that - in shaa allah - fingers and eyes crossed as well.

Heard briefly from Aymn - he is finally in Tripoli - not sure when he will be heading back - but whatever happens, happens. I am no longer counting on his arrival when he says he will be back - after just about 4 years of marriage I have figured out that his eta is very elastic - in fact I think he has only made it back 'on time' 3 times in four years - and that is travelling on average twice a month - so.....

Tomorrow I am booked to spend some time with my family here - we will meet at my 'mom's' place and go from there - at least that is the plan for now - could change momentarily - one never really knows what is going on until it happens. The joys of living in this part of the world.

Today before I went out I stripped my bed and washed it and got it hung up on the line. Was a great day for drying clothes outside - a nice breeze - nice blue sky and lots of sun. The sea was beautiful - gorgeous colour - not really still as it was a bit breezy - but just awesome. Lots of local boys in the water and more playing on the beach.

All in all it has been a good couple of days. So no more to say - such an exciting life I lead - but at least I am still alive and kicking.

I would like to comment on something that was said on my last entry. My co-wife is certainly hoping against hope that I will pack up my bags and go from whence I came - but little does she know me - I can be very stubborn and pig headed - just ask my family. I am here for the long haul - after adjusting my attitude and my expectations I am quite enjoying being here - I love the country, the people are great - my 'family' - all right it is his family - but I consider them mine and they consider me a part of them - is fantastic - so I am set to stay for a very long time. She can do her best and I will still be here - she is just showing her own true colours and she will be judged accordingly. I have no malice towards the lady - or the kids - I am just glad that there is a great deal of distance between us - not geographically - but in every other way we are world's apart. Aymn has made our home his refuge - a place he can come for peace and tranquility - I admit he does not get it 100% of the time - but he does get it 95% of the time. After all I am a Gemini and a westerner - so no way is he going to have peace and quite 100% of the time.

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Safa said...

Planning to get a key cut...but forgot the key? Oh that's precious....but I can't laugh at that...cuz I just did the same thing last week.....SIGH!

Maybe it's a canadian thing?