Sunday, April 01, 2007

Here it is Sunday and I still do not have my new plates or insurance on the car. When we went to the police station on Saturday it was to find out that the officer was not in - would not be in until today - ARGH. So that meant I could not get anything done. Went today to get the investigation report today and surprise surprise the officer was there and the report was ready - Suzanne came along with me - and the officer asked why I did not show up on Thursday - if he only knew. And of course today is a holiday so the license office is not open - so will go down tomorrow after my meeting and get it done - in shaa allah. Must admit I do not like driving around with no insurance - and I doubt I will be getting insurance tomorrow - just a feeling I have - but at least I will have the plates and I can look after the insurance on my own - I hope - that the person has enough English so we can muddle through it.

Today I got busy and baked - yep - just what I need - Sharon came over and I made brownies and boiled raisin oatmeal cookies. Also barbecued - had bought a couple of rib eye steaks - they were not really great - next time will go to the butcher down the street and buy some filet - same price as ground beef - does not matter what cut you want - it is all the same price 43LE per kg - which is about 8.60 CDN per kg - not bad. Must admit I do miss my gas barbecue - they have them here - at least I have seen some - but they are quite expensive - so will bide my time and see what we can figure out.

Sharon took the rest of her pets home with her tonight so I am on my own again - does seem kind of quiet - although I do not miss tripping over the cat - and the parrot got on my nerves a bit - she is ready to give the parrot back to me - he has been really bad since he got home. He has been shredding the newspaper in the bottom of his cage - something he never did while at my place.

Anyway - that is all the news for now.



Cairogal said...

Can you share your recipe for boiled Oatmeal raisin cookies?

Safa said...

Don't you just love running around after paperwork?

I swear I miss standing in line at MTO in Canada! SIGH!

Oh and u know what? Every gas bbq I've seen here in made in kidding.