Thursday, March 15, 2007

Today I went for my usual morning walk - against my will - if I had not had company I would have bailed - it was a miserable morning. Windy - walking was a challenge - and you dare not open your mouth or you would get a mouthful of sand - gag. And of course you got an eyeful no matter what. My 13 year old nephew opted to join me this morning - I think he regretted it. On the way back home it rained and hailed on us - there was thunder and lightning and a rainbow - so a real mish mash - just no nice weather. It has been really windy for the last couple of days - makes it tough for me to sleep - as the wind just howls through the place - just what this insomniac needs - another thing to keep me from sleeping. After I got home and warmed up a bit I did have a snooze - such decadence and I even managed to get a bit of sleep - missed a phone call - no idea who it was - not going to call back and find out either.

My downstairs neighbour came up - with the bowab's wife - to see Popeye - not sure what that was about - but you should have seen the bowab's wife when the cat showed up - she just about jumped out of her skin - she was also quite taken aback when I came to the door with Popeye on my shoulder - what a hoot. And of course like most kids he would not perform for them - shut the door and he started going a mile a minute - typical.

Not much else to report - Aymn is still in Libya - no idea when he will be returning - he was supposed to leave last night (Wednesday) now it is tonight (Thursday) - needless to say I am not holding my breath on that one - he is waiting for a truck to show up - he spends a lot of time doing that.

So 'til later - TTFN.

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