Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to the newest member of my small family - LOL. Bella was brought home on Sunday, March 25, 2007. Ta Da - my new car - YES - finally managed to get everything going at the same time. Intended to purchase a Toyota Yaris but ended up with a Toyota Avanza - a small van that seats seven, has a hatch back, and the last row of seats flips up to allow for lots of cargo space - very nice. She is champagne in colour - against Aymn's wishes - he does not think the contrast between interior and exterior is good enough - wanted me to go for white - I wanted red - but there were no red Avanza's to be found in Egypt - so it would have meant waiting for a month to six weeks - and I was not inclined to wait any longer. Bella is very much a plain jane - the only thing she has is air conditioning. No power windows, power locks, power mirrors, central air conditioning, cd player (does have a tape deck though), air bags, console between the front seats, but she does have a gas pedal, brakes and a clutch - yes she is a standard. Have been having fun getting out and about - causing a bit of friction with Aymn - he is not really happy
that I am so much more independent now - but he is going to have to adjust. He sold his car Sunday night - needed the money for his business - so .... I have found a place to park her - so she is not left on the streets. The 'car park' is a vacant lot 2 blocks from my flat - not covered - but at least she is off the streets and I am not worried that she will be dinged, dented or somehow damaged while she is 'resting'. She is the same size as a Corolla - not much bigger than the Yaris - but it is nice that she has seating for seven so that when I take the family somewhere - they can all be buckled in - a very foreign concept for them - but they will soon learn that this crazy canuck does not drive unless everyone has their seatbelt on. She was made in Indonesia - but I am not at all concerned - as she is still a Toyota and I am sure their standards are just as exacting no matter where she was assembled.


Cairogal said...

mabrouk! Can't wait to read the blog about your first driving experience!

egianqueen said...

Well Cairogal - I drove the car home - during peak period - as my husband calls it - I have actually been driving in this part of the world for about three years - got my feet wet in Libya - drivers are just as crazy - but not as many of them - then when I arrived here in Egypt in Dec. 2005 - I started driving my husband's car - until I had an accident - then he was not keen on my driving - but I did drive once in awhile. I WILL NOT drive when my husband is in the car with me - as he seems to forget that I do know how to drive and is continually back seat driving from the passenger side.

dutch_sister said...

mabrouk with your new car it is beautiful masha allah.My husband also wanted a car like yours but he changed his mind.because we have kids under 10 years he was afraid of the fabric of the chairs which are going dirty.the car he/we saw had light fabric on the chairs,not a good idea in our situation.

egianqueen said...

Dutch_sister - I am being urged to have new seat covers made for the seats - but will wait until they are all mucked up and then recover them - do need to get some floor mats soon though. I am enjoying getting out and about on my own (read without my husband - lol).

Safa said...

OH HO! Where the heck have I been......CONGRATULATIONS!

Now tell me...don't u just love that new car smell? MMMMMMmmmmmmm!

It looks great and snazzy! I know what you mean about having absolutely NO OPTIONS on it! Good thing can bring it somewhere and get them all added on....less cost than the dealership.....if it's really important to you.

Ordering options and colors means a 6 month wait....UNREAL!

I bet you Aymn is just DYING to drive it....are you going to let him?