Friday, March 09, 2007

FINALLY - yesterday Suzanne and I managed to work through all the bureaucracy that is required to switch over the water and the electric - and now both are in my name. Anyone who thinks things are tough to do in Canada - just come here and see what has to be done - what a hassle - I can certainly understand why people do not bother changing things over until they want to sell the place. The water changeover was a real walk in the park - the electric - what hassle - we were at both places twice - but the electric you had to fill out the form - then come home and wait for someone to come and check to see the meter - then go back - and hand in the application with a copy of the sales contract of the apartment as well as a copy of my passport and other things - then wait - then we had to go to another floor and pay 42.50 LE for a bill that is coming out next month for garbage pick up - then to another floor to pay 30 LE for the old metre - then another window - where we are given another form - then we have to somewhere else for them to look at it - make six copies of the form we were given as well as another copy of the sales contract and purchase seven stamps - then back to stand and stick the stamps on the appropriate papers - and then the guy hands back the first copy of the sales contract - ARGH - then pay 184.75 for the new contract and away we went - took only 3 hours - I am so grateful to Suzanne for her assistance in this matter and all the other things she does for me. Aymn got his nose out of joint because I did not ask him for his help - and he did not want to see me in trouble - having to take microbusses and that sort of thing - but when I asked him about making the change he said it was no big deal - not important - at least now I can sell the place without any problems - maybe that is why he was not keen on my making the change - I don't know - but it is done and Suzanne and the rest of the family are happy as is Margaret's hubby Mustafa - he was also pushing to get the change in contract made.

I had been hoping to have a nice quiet day at home today - as I have been out and running for the last three days - but I had said I would go visit Gehan and family - so I will be heading to her place in a few hours. Will be nice when I get a car and do not have to rely on public transportation or taxis - getting a taxi on Friday in the evening is a real disaster - and of course not many of the drivers want to go all the way to Miami - so it sometimes takes 30 minutes to find a taxi.

So next on the list of fun and games things to do is to get the car - joy oh bliss. Going to be another challenge I am sure.

I managed to walk for three days last week - will be taking Friday and Saturday off - back to it on Sunday. I even managed to drag Aymn along with me yesterday - he was not thrilled - but he keeps commenting on gaining weight and wanting to walk more - so ...... after the walk he crawled back into bed and slept for an hour or so. Then I took off to work on the electric contract and he went out and bought some liver to make sandwiches with as he was planning on heading out to Libya. He had dropped his passport off on Wednesday to be renewed - I had washed it and the stamp signifying he had fulfilled his military service was washed out - and much to his chagrin he did not get it back on the same day - but he got it yesterday and he was off to Libya by 1:00 p.m. I am assuming he has arrived safely - have not heard anything from him. So now I am on my own for a few days - YEAH.

Today is looking like a nice day - was wondering when I got up - was cloudy - but the sun has started shining and it looks like it will be a great day. I managed to get some laundry hung up - washed it yesterday before I headed out - but did not get it hung up - so it is hanging up now. Should be a domestic diva and sweep floors and do dishes - may just do that - so at least tomorrow I do not have anything to do.

That is the extent of the excitement in my life.


Safa said...

YAY for u!

Lynn said...

Oh MAN!!! I will never complain again having to stand in line at banks, or whatever to get paper work done. GO girl! THat's showing them. Keep your independence no matter what it takes. I sure admire that in you. YOu got spunk. : )