Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Just a short note to let everyone know that I am on the road again.

Had a wonderful two days in Mohmodea - with Suzanne and her family - was so quiet and peaceful. Sitting on their balcony watching the Nile as I read from my scriptures. Yes, I am keeping my goal - so far - have managed to get ahead - plan was to read 10 pages a day from the Doctrine and Covenants - which would mean that I would complete it within Ramada - am on page 100 - any time I have I just sit and read and feel such peace - have missed that. Had planned on being in Mohmodea for only 1 day - but ended up staying for 2 - Sunday was the first day back at school - and it was little Mohammed's (aka Mr. Bounce) first day of school and Mom really wanted to be there for that - so we stayed. Arrived back in Alex Sunday afternoon - back to the noise and mayhem.

Monday was club - was great to be there - lots of women in attendance - everyone is back from their summer away from Alex. After club we went San Stefano - watched people eating lunch - after they finished eating we went to Metro and I picked up a few groceries - decided I wanted to try my hand at spanakopita - so bought some phyllo pastry, feta cheese and frozen spinach.

Yesterday I made up the spanakopita also made some samosas - had not made them in many years - invited Sharon over to share iftar with me - the spanakopitas turned out really well - if I may say so myself. Of course had lots of stuffing left over - such is life. Got iftar on the table a bit late - was delayed by Aymn - he came to life after 4 and wanted to chat - so chatted with him for a bit. Sounds as if he will be there for an indeterminate length of time - border is still closed - he had to pay to get into the country as a 'driver's assistant' - so is not too keen on leaving as he will have problems getting back into Libya.

Today I am off to Cairo - so I am - BIG GULP - going to try to find my way with no map - just some directions - sure wish I could get my hands on a good map of Cairo - but I doubt one exists. So wish me luck - will make sure I have plenty of gas so if I take many 'scenic routes' I will not run out of gas. Not sure how long I will be staying - will depend on how long my friend and her family can put up with me - LOL.

Then when I get back - I am planning on heading back to Mohmodea next Monday for 5 days minimum - a week maximum. Everyone wants me just to stay forever - but I am spoiled I like my own bed. So we shall see how things go.

Anyway - TTFN - let the adventures begin. Will keep you posted as I can.


musulmana said...

Have you tried reading the Quran during Ramadan as well?

I'm sure after all these years married to a Muslim and living in Egypt you have had the chance to, but I was just wondering.

Do you find any similarities with your faith. Most notably, as a religious woman, I wonder what are your reservations about the Islam and why hasn't it appealed to you.

Anonymous said...

Try to print out pieces from google map, there is no proper cairo map to buy...

egianqueen said...

Musulmana - I have not tried to read the Quran during Ramadan - I have read a bit of the Quran on my own - and when my husband starts to read my scriptures I will read more of his. I think Islam is a 'good' religion - but I do not feel that it is for me - I am very happy with the faith that I have and do not see making any changes in the near or distant future.