Saturday, September 08, 2007

I AM SO SORRY!!!! I forgot to mention that my friend Safa and I got together last month - not that I forgot - but I did forget to mention it in my blog entry. I had met Safa on line quite awhile ago. We are both transplanted Canadians - she lives in Cairo (well 10th of Ramadan actually) and has 5 wonderful children - 4 beautiful girls and one very adorable little boy - who was born in May while I was in Canada - he is a real Michelin man - so cute. She and her second eldest daughter came over to my place for a visit on the Friday - we had a wonderful chat - albeit much to short. Then on Sunday night she called and told me that they were heading back to Cairo on Monday - so I walked over to the place they were staying at and visited until 2 in the morning - I did not have a hubby phoning to ask where I was and how long I was staying for. I had the honour of meeting the rest of her girls - as well as her sister in law and her five girls - and her brother in law and last but not least Safa's husband. It was a very brief visit with her hubby - came in around midnight with the older girls and promptly went to watch TV - euphemism for falling asleep on the couch. But it was really great to finally meet her in person - we had chatted together online and on the phone - and now I am going to work up my courage and go and visit her at her place - her husband is heading back to Canada - so I will sneak in while he is out of town - I am soooo bad. I have not yet decided when I will go - but I really do want to go spend some time with Safa and her wonderful family. Not sure Ramadan is a great time to travel - but .... since when do I worry about doing things the 'right' way.

Am I forgiven now Safa????????

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Safa said...

LOL!! How could you forget?

No, u aren't much for following the rules....anyone with a toe ring should be watched carefully......

Looking forward to you've got 30 days to get here! LOL....cuz then he's coming back!!