Saturday, February 24, 2007

Well here it is Saturday evening. Managed to get the apartment tidied up before I was hauled off to the b'day party yesterday evening. Good time was had by all - at leat I think it was - although I do not think Aymn's daughter was happy - she had this scowl on her face - especially prominent after I arrived - and then the dance started - her evading me at all costs - managed to get a few shots of Ms. Mary Sunshine on my camera - will endeavour to include one of them - much laughter was happening - it is great to see the family together and enjoying each other's company. I managed to embarrass Uncle Samir - will attach the photo and let you see for yourself.

Today has been a quiet day - the elevator went out of commission last night whilst I was at the party - so much to my horror (not really) I actually had to walk up four flights of stairs - was good for me - they are currently working on the elevator right now - so no elevator for the day. And on top of that I did not have internet connection until around 4:30 p.m. - after I had messaged Aymn and told him I had no internet - he called the internet guy (Aymn is in Libya) and found out that he had hooked up the internet feed box to the elevator as a power source - and since the elevator was out - so was the internet - so he told the guy to hook it up to our power - wonder if we will get a discount - not likely - but one can always dream. As soon as the internet was up and running my 13 year old nephew Mahmoud was up to get online to play his game - he was here for two hours - must say he certainly has more time than sense - but then not my call to make - although I know his parents are despairing - as his marks are starting to slide - gotta love teenagers - I am so glad that mine is 25. Last night at the party there were a couple of little girls - man I was so glad that mine is 25 - no more running around, screaming - I am much to old for that.

Managed to get some laundry done, washed down the bathroom and even managed to water the garden - need to do up a few dishes and clean up the kitchen again. I think I am going to head to bed early so that I can get some sleep - last night was a bust as far as sleep was concerned - woke up with a major headache - have had it all day. Need to get some sleep so that I am feeling better tomorrow - I do not like feeling like this.

I really do want to get busy and start getting more exercise - I just keep putting it off - mother of procrastination.

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