Saturday, February 24, 2007

ARGH - do not like it when these programs will not cooperate with me. Could not manage to add the photos to the previous post - so will add them as a P.S.

Decided not to include a pic of sulky sue - as I do not have her permission - not that she would ever find out - but you know.

At the right is a pic of the birthday girl - she is a real sweety - she turned 10 today actually (the 24th) - sitting behind her is Aunt Mahasan.

Next up is a pic of my two SIL - Gehan is on the left and Suzanne is on the right - Suzanne is the one who lives in my building - she is a real life saver.

Here is the naughty picture - Uncle Samir and I - he is such a sweety:


Anonymous said...

Lovely Pictures . Looks like you all had a nice time .

Lynn said...

LOL! Great shot with the Uncle. I can almost see the red blush. Cute.