Sunday, February 27, 2011

Just a quick little post - the cat is out of the bag - Shani and Miles told her parents tonight - so I am free to 'blab' - I am going to be a grandma - Shani is pregnant - with twins - yep you read it right - twins - due at the beginning of September - more than likely to be born before that though.  I was told on January 30th, along with the request for my help for awhile when the babies are born - another reason to come back to Canada earlier than I had planned - need to start work so I can take time off - and still have time to earn some money.  

Shani is doing well - has to graze all day or her gag reflex goes into overdrive - so I have been packing a small store of goodies to keep her going at work - as well as preparing suppers as she is very tired when she gets home.

Miles is thrilled - as is Shani - but he is a tad 'stressed' about the financial side of things - expensive enough having one - but two at the same time - double everything - also means getting a larger vehicle - ah the joys of having babies.


Lynn said...

Whooo hooo!!!! Congratulations!!! So exciting. I wondered what it was that you were hinting at in your last post.

This is just so fun and exciting isn't it. You'll be the best grandma ever! And your mom, a great grandma. OR is she already a great grandma?

Anyway...congrats to you and to Miles and Shani. Everything will be just fine. I remember when Cassie and Jon were freaking out about the cost of things....especially diapers. But it's funny how it all works out it in the end. Everything seems to go on sale just when they need it and of course Shani will have a baby shower and get lot's of help that way too. There's alway so many around who love to spoil a little baby...or two. LOL!

Lisa said...

Mabrook Mo!!!!

Being a grandmother is the BEST! I always tease my daughter and tell her it is much better than being a mother! lol

Just more proof that God has a plan for you, dear.


KhadijaTeri said...

Warm vibes are coming your way. Congrats on this wonderful news!