Monday, August 23, 2010

Well this is truly frustrating. Spent a couple of hours yesterday typing up my life in the last few months on MS Word and am unable to copy it onto my blog - so will have to start from scratch.

First my hair has been cut numerous times - so have lost the calico look and am au naturel - white - with a sprinkling of pepper. Have renewed my licence again and even took the major step and admitted that my hair colour is white - ah isn't aging grand.

I think I will start with my 35 year high school reunion. It took place on July 9 and 10. I flew out to Winnipeg from Fort McMurray, rented a car and drove to Pinawa - located 120 km ENE of Winnipeg - on an island in the Winnipeg River - beautiful place. We moved there in 1971 - in April - I was in Grade 8. Did not really find my niche as the kids in my class had been together since Grade 1 - definitely odd man out. Found out how odd at the reunion - a couple of people questioned whether I had graduated with them - hmmm - really made an impression. Of course the girls I did associate with did not come to the reunion - we were kind of the 'outcasts'. Arrived in Pinawa around 5 - had dinner with my hostess - a friend of my parents that I got to know through Miles - and her son who was visiting from Australia. After supper I went to the meet and greet - that had originally been planned to be held at the Pub - but the pub burned down a month or so before the reunion - so the venue was moved to one of the organizer's back yards - only drawback were the mosquitoes - one of the bonuses of living in the 'wilderness'. The only people who recognized me were the few people who I have connected with through Facebook - the rest were absolutely clueless - and even wondered if I had in fact graduated with them - I assured them I had. It was 'fun' to see the people who were there - there were about 15 who showed up for Friday night - again I was the observer - watching people. And I remembered why I did not associate with them even in high school - their idea of fun is to see how much liquor they can consume before upchucking - not much has changed. I was busy in high school babysitting - earning the princely sum of $.50 an hour. Good money back then - how the times have changed. This was the first reunion that I had attended - will likely attend others if I am in the country and available - but will plan to stay longer than 2 days. Saturday I opted out of the golfing - I have never golfed in my life - no desire to start now - and spent the day with my gracious hostess - Helen - she took me on a tour of the town - sure has changed. When we lived there there were very few fences - my dad put one up and I think it was one of the very few in the town. But fences have now been erected to keep the deer out of people's yards. The deer have become a real problem - Helen and I were sitting in her back porch and a doe and her fawn just about came in and joined us - they are very tame - guess there are a few reasons why the deer have become such vermin 1) there are very few kids - when we lived there there were loads of kids - so lots of noise; 2) new town bylaw keeping dogs tied up - when we lived there the dogs roamed - so kept the deer at bay and 3) lots of Bambi lovers. There are even people who feed them - causing more of a problem. Saturday night we were supposed to go to the club for a meal - but again the venue had to be changed - the chef quit earlier in the week - so salads were catered and we barbecued in another classmates back yard. It was quite enjoyable - again I watched and marvelled. Unfortunately I managed to trip and injure my IT (ileotibial) band - making walking very painful. I flew back to Fort McMurray on Sunday.

And that is all I have time for tonight. Will endeavour to do more tomorrow.

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on the edge said...

My old high school in my home town ( I went to 2 Hi school) had their 40th last month too . I didn't get to go but have been in touch with some on FB. And like you I remember WHY I didn't have much to do with many of them , lol . The others are much the same . My other hi school has their reunion in Oct. Would love to go to that one .Amazingly the boys i had a secret crush on STILL don't know I exist , lol . Imagine that !