Saturday, August 28, 2010

TGIF - and I am finished work for the day.

Yesterday was a long day. Worked my usual 2-6 at the post office - then went to A&W and had a Teenburger - they were donating a dollar from every teenburger sold to MS - so Marian and I went to do our part - yeah right - okay so you don't believe me. They also had a fairly good collection of 'classic' cars to look at - I was quite impressed with the number of cars considering that Fort McMurray's population is around 100,000. They even had cars there that are older than ME - hard to believe - but it is true. After we gawked at the cars - and Marian shook her head at some of the souped up cars that were automatic - hard to believe - what is the point - we headed home and guess what - the flyers were on the doorstep. So we came in made our bladders gladder and headed out to do the flyers. I have not been doing much in the way of helping since I buggered up my knee - have been helping mainly by driving and loading the flyers into the carrier bag for Marian - have been slowly working my way back to doing my share. Last night I did - and man is my knee ever sore today - had trouble getting to sleep last night because my legs were so sore - partly from the walking - the steps kill me - and partly because I have been doing squats every day - and my quads are saying - WHAT IN SAM HILL ARE YOU DOING TO US - hmmm - maybe I should only do them every other day. Once we finished the flyers and disposing of the extras - we came home grabbed a well deserved ice cream treat - walked up the hill to the gazebo that is perched on the hill - and sat inside to watch Mother Nature put on a really whiz bang light show. The lightening was stupendous - and the thunder was pretty good too. Only problem was that it was past my bedtime - Marian's as well - got home a bit after 10:00 and I did some stretches and then had my shower and tried to sleep. Marian got 'sidetracked' as is her wont - and did a bunch of laundry before getting to bed - so she did not get upstairs until after midnight and then she had to have her bath. We were supposed to get up early this morning and go for a walk - got up around 7:00 - knocked on her door - and she said she wanted to get more sleep - I did not argue too much - my legs were still giving me grief from yesterday - but I got up and had my shower and got dressed and came downstairs. Today is the first day of Marian's weekend - she has 3 days off - but today she had to attend a Professional Driver Improvement Course - which took all morning. She had made an appointment with Telus to come in and do something with her TV's - so I had to stay put - and of course they phoned yesterday to confirm - and stated their technician would be by anytime from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. - I usually head to bed around 10:00 for a laydown - find the afternoon at work goes better if I give my feet and legs a break - only an hour - but could not do this today because I was waiting for the Telus technician - and I was worried that if I went upstairs to lay down I would not hear him when he came - because you cannot hear much of anything when you are upstairs - kind of nice most of the time - but times like this would have been nice to have not had it so quiet. Anyhow so I stayed up - he called around 11:30 (could have had my rest) - he was on his way - did I want him to come - UH YES - called again after about 10 minutes - he was lost - had to give him directions - talk about the blind leading the blind - like I know my way around Fort McMurray- luckily he was quite close so I knew where he was and could give him directions to the house. He was here for about 30 minutes - and when he left I went upstairs for my rest. Marian got home in time for me to take the car and drive to work.

Got to work and ended up sitting around for two hours because I could not get into the program I needed. Have a feeling IT had been busy after Jim left - he was gone when I got there at 2:00 - and had done some upgrades and closed the program - only problem is that no one there knew what the password was - so we had to wait for Jim to arrive home and call back - so did not really start work until just before 4:00 - managed to get two boxes of mail done - one short one - and one 'flat' one - not as much as I usually get done - but did not have my usual amount of time either - so shoot me.

Got home and prepared supper - leftover barbecued steak, fresh green beans, corn on the cob, salad and some potatoes that I cut up and 'fried' in the oven. For dessert we had some chocolate pudding - all in all a good meal. Now I have to figure out what to cook for the coming week - because there are no leftovers - will be thinking about eating a lot of fish - we have bought lots of it - was on sale - so should just eat it up - make room in the freezer.

Tomorrow we are planning on heading to Heritage Park for Fort McMurray's Country Fair. And then on Sunday the company Marian is working for - Diversified Transportation - is putting on their first Family Picnic - not a great time to do this - as a lot of the drivers are Muslim and it is Ramadan so they are not able to eat - but I guess they will be bringing their kids and the kids can eat.

Ayman headed back to Libya on Wednesday - he is hoping to be able to ship some copper to Egypt during the next couple of weeks and then hightail it back to Egypt for Eid.

And that is it for today.


Lynn said...

Ouch. Your knees sound really sore. I hope you are giving them a little rest for a bit and not doing too many squats in a row. ; S They really sound painful.

Your supper sounded really delicious though! Now I am off to the kitchen. For some reason I am suddenly very hungry. ; D

Ophelia Keith said...

I've been following you and reading your blog, I love reading about other people's daily lives and your style is really relatable. I always look forward to reading your new posts. Are you in Canada permanently now or do you think you will head back to Egypt? Keep blogging!


egianqueen said...

Lynn - my knee is VERY sore - but I just continue gimping along - I am beginning to have serious doubts about these so called 'golden years'. Took it easy on it over the weekend - at least no squats - mainly because there is no room for me at the moment to do them.
Ophelia - you have asked the proverbial $64,000 question - I have 'decided' to head back to Egypt in January - causing me to toss and turn - but I know it is something I need to do - need to get things 'settled' there before I make any big decisions.