Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sorry for no pictures yet - has been a busy week.

Monday was club and then off to San Stefano for lunch. Did not buy anything at Metro - just looked around and decided my cupboards were full enough.

Tuesday was laundry day - about time - was great to get it all done - like having everything done - the one thing I dislike about laundry is folding and putting stuff away - not sure why - but ... I did get it all done though.

Wednesday we loaded up the wandering wagon and wandered to 'Cairo' - actually the outskirts - 6th of October City - and checked out a new supermarket that has opened in the last while. Man - talk about a huge store - it is about the size of the Superstore in the NE - but it is two floors - lots of walking - they carry a lot more variety of things - lots of 'Western' things - but of course you pay for it. Although I found some cheese that was a 'good deal' - I had bought some at Fathalla here in Alex and it was 114 LE a Kilo - at this place - called HyperOne - it was only 89 LE a kilo - so I bought some more - I do like cheese - likely should not eat a lot of it - but it is good for a quick snack when nothing else appeals. Sharon, Anne and Louise joined me in the WW (Wandering Wagon) - after we shopped at HyperOne we opted to go to Dandy Mall - just before the toll booth for the Cairo Alex Desert Road - where Carrefour is - and did a bit more wandering around Carrefour - I found sauerkraut there - was not even all that expensive. Then we loaded up and headed back to Alex. Got back around 6:30 - was a good trip - lots of laughs.

Thursday I went to Sharon's for a short visit - wanted to use her computer so I could download and print some information I needed.

Friday I cleaned house, did laundry, went to the local Friday market and bought 3.5 kg of tomatoes - I had found celery at Carrefour and bought some - with an eye to making salsa - got home and diced onions, celery and tomatoes and got the salsa started. Got both the beds in the place made up - had washed the sheets for the spare bed on Tuesday but had not gotten around to making it up - prior to making it up I got busy and stowed the Christmas decorations under the bed - now this does not sound like a big deal - but to do this one has to take the mattress off the bed - no easy feat - move the slats that support the mattress on the frame and then store the things - then move the slats back and get the mattress back on the frame. Great place to store things you do not use very often - do not think I can manage to do this with my bed as there is no way I can get the mattress off the bed - so.... I got busy and made spanakopita and samosas - was having a girls night - so needed treats. Ann and Margaret came over and we enjoyed the treat and the company. Margaret spent the night.

Today I finished the salsa - thinking - how strange it felt to be making salsa with garden fresh tomatoes in the middle of January - made breakfast for my guest - had a visit and after she left I was exhausted - not used to these late nights - and I could not get warm. At 2:30 I got ready to head out the door - had an appointment with an opthamologist at 3:45 - got there in plenty of time - but he was 45 minutes late. Need new prescription for my glasses - surprise surprise and was checked out for any signs of macular degeneration - thank goodness I was given a clean bill of health - at least my eyes were.

My leg is still swollen - although trying to give it a bit of exercise every day and it does seem to help a bit.

Tomorrow I am heading back to Cairo - going to meet Safa at Carrefour and have a visit before she heads back to Canada for a bit. Looking forward to seeing her - have not seen her for quite awhile - am going to really miss her when she is in Canada.

Sounds like Aymn may be returning in a few days - says he will heading out tomorrow (Sunday) - but time will tell what really goes down.

Anyway - have to head off and do a few more things before heading to bed.


Lynn said...

Yum! Fresh salsa in JAn. SOunds so delish. Glad you got a good clean check up on your eyes. THat is good to know.

Cairogal said...

Glad to hear the leg is on the mend. My "boil" took a good long while to heal, but it definitely felt better to move on it as opposed to just standing still putting weight on it.

Safa said...

Her salsa is really good! She makes it so different than I do....YUM!!!!

And her whipped shortbread.....GONE! Faster than I could get the lid off the container!

Glad to hear ur leg is on the mend......