Saturday, January 27, 2007

Well today is a red letter day - actually I guess it happened sometime late yesterday afternoon - but I FINALLY have international calls on my phone - woo hoo - and of course noone to call - as it is the middle of the day in Canada and everyone is at work - and tried to call Libya and had just as many problems getting through from here as I did when I was in Canada - nice to know that it is just a pain in the butt to call Libya no matter where you are calling from. And today after the prayers - in other words - in the late afternoon the elevator was fixed. Must admit it was kind of nice not having an elevator - not that I enjoyed being cooped up in the apartment - but it is much quieter without the elevator running. Today I had a very quiet day - did up a load of laundry and not much else got done - needed a day like that as I have been out and about almost every day. Do need to spend some time at home and get a few things done - like I need to get my rogues gallery up and running. Miss having the pictures of my family up on the wall. Only problem is hanging the pcitures up as the walls are all concrete - so puts paid to my usual way of affixing them - I usually use push pins - but they just do not work here. Will try to use the putty I bought here and see how long it is before they fall down. Tried it in Libya but when it got to 45C the putty just sort of gave up and the pictures ended up on the floor. And of course some of the pictures need to have nails or more likely screws - like the handprint of Miles as well as the baby plate Mom made for Miles.

Just finished chatting with Aymn - he is in Libya - hoping to head back to Egypt tomorrow night - not going to hold my breath waiting for that one to come about as his plans are 'fluid' at the best of times.

Well it is 11:35 p.m. - past my bedtime - so I guess I best be off and get my beauty sleep - I know, I know - not enough hours in the day for that.

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Safa said...

You could have called me.....