Sunday, May 15, 2011

Another work week about to begin - wonder what this one will bring.  The last two weeks were quite 'pleasant' as I had the same route every day - gave me a chance to really learn it and get it done in a timely manner - in fact Friday I was back to the depot by 1:30 p.m. - a record for me - of course for the regular carriers it was considered late - most of them had already left for the day - but I was tickled that I got back so early.  Meant I had time to do the one flyer and get out before 3:30 - in fact I was home by 2:45 p.m. - YES - that is what I like.  Only drawback last week was that I injured myself.  Wednesday I was back to the depot by 2:00 p.m. and ended up falling flat on my oh so expansive backside - but in the process I managed to wack the back of my left hand - badly swollen - thank goodness nothing is broken - but the worst part was that when I fell I managed to do more damage to my hamstring -where it attaches to my hip - so my right butt is extremely tender - walking is not a problem - but sitting - OUCH - and the route I had was a driving route so I had to drive the vehicle around - Thursday was a challenge - Friday I got smart and took some Ibuprofen before I headed out and it was not so bad.  But sitting at the computer is a challenge.

The weather here has been great - a couple of days of rain - but it was not a heavy rain - a nice 'gentle' rain - so did not get soaked while out delivering the mail.  The day it rained the most - by 1:00 p.m. it had quit and the birdsong was fantastic - I do so enjoy being outside and being able to listen to the sounds of birds - something that I really do miss in Egypt - temps have been in the low 20's - very nice for me - I sweat profusely - so the temps is good - they are forecasting 26 tomorrow - gonna be a hot one for me - but such is life.  My arms are nice and brown - I am being very good and putting my sunscreen of 110 SPF on my face every morning and when it is sunny I wear my Post Office 'sunhat' - so my face is still fairly pale - and I do need to get busy and start wearing sunscreen on my arms - but I do so like to be brown - I know I know - it is not 'healthy' - but I think it is more attractive than being pale.

This weekend Marian took off for a doctor's appointment on Friday - she had had an ultrasound on May 6th - and when she got to Edmonton on Friday she found out the appointment had been changed to May 27th - asked me to mark it on her calendar - and lo and behold she had already made the change - DUH - guess one should check the calendar.  She left Matthew and his buddy Daniel here - as Matthew was scheduled to work.  When I got home from work on Friday he and Daniel were still hiding out in their room - had done nothing yet - they were supposed to be working at 5 - but that had been changed to all day Saturday - after some 'haranguing' Matthew came down and did the dishes - sort of - and vacuumed the living room - jobs that his mother had left him with.  He got about 1/2 the dishes done and ran out of room - so I told him to come back in 30 minutes and then the dishes could be put away and the rest of them could be washed.  So about 45 minutes later I called him down to finish the dishes - he came down and did most of them - left  a few behind - never ceases to amaze me how pots and pans are not considered dishes - what are they???  When I got up Saturday morning (around 8) the house was empty - so I finished cleaning up the kitchen and made myself something to eat.  The boys did not arrive home until 2:30 this morning - one wonders what they were up to - guess I will find out when they start moving.

Yesterday was a very quiet day for me - had planned to head out and do a bit of shopping - but by the time I could go - my get up and go had left me behind - so I just schlepped around - watched some of the shows that I had recorded last week and the week before.  Head to bed around 10:00 - had had enough TV - but still have more shows to watch - so may spend some time this afternoon going through a few more of them.  Must admit this ability to tape them is kind of nice - I know the technology has been around for a long time - I remember setting my VCR to tape shows - but this is so much easier. 

Today I got up around 8 - and came downstairs and cut up celery and carrots for munching on during the week - as well cut up radishes, celery and onion for making egg salad or tuna salad for the week - made myself a salad for the rest of the day and had a bacon and cucumber sandwich and salad for breakfast after munching on a couple of oranges and some watermelon.  Plan is to head out for a walk - go to the ATM and get some money - I have no cash on me - and I do not use it often - but it is nice to have some on me for those occasions when a credit card is not feasible.

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