Sunday, May 09, 2010

Ta da - as promised yesterday here are pics of the new 'do'. I also included pictures of the car after we had picked up a few groceries in Fort McMurray before we finished the trip.

Here I am with the everyday look - looking a tad bit like a calico cat.

The everyday look from the front.

Here we are really styling - spikey here I come.

Looking so happy - but still styling.

And a back shot - some would say my best side - kind of hard seeing the dark hair at the back - used to all be that colour. SIGH.

Here I am in the car - well packed - good thing we did not have far to go.

See how much stuff is in the car - and at the bottom of one of the piles is a cat carrier with two kitties.

Good thing it was well packed - only got attacked by a jacket and a backpack a couple of times.

Love that hang dog expression - poor little ol' me - just all packed up for the long journey to Marian's place.


Lynn said...

LOL! Boy can I ever RELATE to the car being packed and stacked that full!!!! Kids and all!! And you do recall my last year's trip back from Salt Lake with my parents, right? ; D

P.S. LOVE the hair. You are always so hip and stylin'. Love that you have an idea and just GO for it. It suits you.

Safa said...

wow....check out the hair....I like it spikey!

Abu Dhabi/UAE Daily Photo said...

I like your hair like this!