Sunday, November 22, 2009

Has sure been a long time since I updated. Right now my computer is in the shop - has been out of commission for over a month - not holding my breath on getting it back in the near future - so I am having to go to a cybernet to keep in touch.

Life has continued in the same vein - Aymn spending 90% of his time in Libya and me getting more and more disenchanted with my 'marriage'.

I am still alive and kicking and I appreciate the concern of my friends. Hope to be able to do better soon.


Lynn said...

Love you!


Ayah said...

Thanks for the update....I'm a lurker, but was about to come out of hiding to make sure you were ok!

on the edge said...

Well Thank God ... at last !Was worried about cha babycakes.

I am gonna be joining ya soon by putting my computer in the shop to see if I can get sound again on it . How do ya live with out one ? Know you are going crazy .

Ayman is crazy for leaving you alone so much ! Take care Mo . Miss your posts . Can't wit to hear what you are cooking for Xmas . Made a home made walnut pie the other day , OMG ! Couldn't get the crust to come out of the pan , lol .

PM said...

Hi Mo.

Once you have had enough, you will leave. For each of us, the time and the limits are different. But remember that you could be living a life surrounded by family and friends.

Take care,