Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Happy Canada Day!!!!

Life has been 'hectic' around here - a lot going on - seem to be doing a lot of wheel spinning.

Right now I have company - Sharon is staying with me until her affairs are settled and she is on her way stateside. Has been great having company - although I will be very lonely when she leaves.

Aymn is back in town - has been here for about 1.5 weeks - of course no idea when he will be leaving again - he is getting antsy so I am assuming it will be soon.

Weather has turned into a furnace - although the last couple of days have been really really windy up here in the penthouse. Did laundry yesterday and by the time I had the second load ready to hang the first load was dry - sheets were really 'snapping' in the wind - had to make sure I anchored them really well or they would have taken flight.

Unfortunately with the heat my ambition has 'dripped' away - even eating is a challenge - just too hot.

Having to water the garden every other day - the basil in one of the pots is my indicator that I need to water - it gets very droopy when it is dry - so about the only thing I am managing to do with any consistency is watering the garden.

I am sorry that I was absent for such a long period - I am having computer issues - but while Sharon is here I am able to use her computer - need to start bugging Aymn about getting mine fixed - but as usual - money is tight - but I think getting the computer fixed is a priority - so will start pushing. He will be here tomorrow night - so will get on him tomorrow - because of course one can only take the computer to the shop at night - because it is not open during the day.

Even sitting here and typing I am breaking out in a sweat - ARGH.

So I will keep this short - hope all my Canuck family and friends have a great Canada Day.


Ayah said...

I've been a lurking fan for quite some time. I've never commented before. Anyway, just wanted to say welcome back, you were missed :)

Southern Gal said...

Maureen it was so nice to hear from you. Sorry to hear your pc troubles. Am glad to hear your enjoying Sharon's company. We are enjoying the 4th tomorrow. Take care...

Layla/Colls said...

Glad to see you posting! I was wondering about you!! :)

Love and Hugs!

on the edge said...

Aboot darn time ! I was beginning to think I might have to send the Royal Mounties in after you . You were AWOL so long !

Sorry about the computer and can so totally relate . Have had no sound on mine in months . It really does make listening to music a challenge! LOL !

You didn't go home after all or did you change your mind ? You should nag Ayman for a AC . Seriously , how can a Canute stand this heat we are having in N. Africa ? And Libya hasn't even been as hot as Egypt until the last 2 days .

Show us a picture of your summertime garden Mo ! Miss you . Take care ! OTE

Lynn said...

Hey! So glad to hear from you! Sorry about your computer problems. Hope they get resolved soon. It's nice to hear that you are having some great times with a friend. HAPPY CANADA DAY to you too!